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23 Tips and Tricks How to Personalize a Chromebook for Beginner




This video contains 13 more ways to "Personalize Chromebook" from A-Z, I've summarized them as one, especially for friends - Chromebook users :) ..

I'm already using the latest version of Chromebook.. ChromeOS version 101 !

Wow! I didn't think, now ChromeOS has arrived at version 101 bro! and lots of developments have been made to make it easier for users.

Timestamp Videos 13 more! How to Personalize a Chromebook
(in progress)

1. How to Change Chromebook Launcher to Start Menu view

Here is explained step by step, how to change launcher or application icon display on Chromebook to look like start menu.

How :

  • Go to Chrome Browser
  • Type, chrome://flags
  • Type in the search box "Lacros" without quotes
  • Activate Lacros by Changing the "Default" setting to "Enable"
  • Click the "Restart" button
  • Lacros is already active

2. How to Change Your Own Wallpaper (Create Using Inkscape)

Explained slowly so that it is easy to understand, how to change the wallpaper with your own wallpaper design made using Inkscape as vector design software that can run on chromebook

If so, how to change the Chromebook Wallpaper with your own design Wallpaper is as follows:

  • Right click on the Image you want to use as Chromebook Wallpaper
  • Please Select "Set Wallpaper"
  • Then after that, the Chromeboo wallpaper k has changed to a wallpaper that you have designed yourself

Easy isn't it? :)

3. How to Change Shelf Position on Right, Left, Bottom

Shelf here if you usually use windows, then this is like the taskbar bro, and in this session we discuss how to change the shelf position on a chromebook.

4. How to Autohide and Always show shelf Chromebook

In this session we discuss how to make the shelf remain visible or we can also make it hidden when focusing on the window.

5. Dark/Light UI transparent mode

In this session, we tell you how to enable Dark/Light UI from Flags.

*Update - For Chromebook version 105, this feature is stable and is enabled by default

6. How to Resize screen display

In this discussion session, we discussed how to change the screen display size, so that it will be able to adjust for those of you who are not comfortable with the default settings for display sizes. In essence, you will be able to adjust the size of the UI of your chromebook according to the comfort of your eyes.

7. How to Change the high contrast screen display

this is a guide how to change the appearance of a chromebook with high contrast

8. How to Change font size in browser

this is a guide on how to change the font size in the chrome browser

9. How to Pin Apps to Shelf

If you have a favorite application, you can easily pin it to the shelf, so you will be able to find your favorite application faster.

10. How to change Night Mode

In this discussion, here we will tell you how to change the appearance of a chromebook to night mode, so that it becomes more friendly when you use it to read digital books.

11. How to Enable Recycle Bin / Trash

It turns out that on chromebook it also supports trash or recycle bin! so that when you accidentally delete a file, your file can still be saved/restored.

Now! in this discussion I will tell you how to activate this trash can feature.

12. How to Install Linux File Manager

Actually this has something to do with learning Linux on Chromebooks, make sure you've watched the video about the basic Linux environment on Chromebooks that we've uploaded on our YouTube channel, bro.

So here in this discussion I assume you have activated the linux environment on your chromebook.

Next in this discussion we discuss how to install a file manager for your linux environment on a chromebook.

13. How to Show Hidden Folder

Sometimes there are hidden folders, especially if the application hides the folder, an example is the android folder which contains various android applications that you have installed on your chromebook. If you don't show the hidden folder, then you won't be able to find the hidden folder.

In this discussion we provide a guide on how to show hidden folders in the Chromebook file manager.

14. How to show Icon Dictation

This dictation is undeniable, is one of the superior features of chromebook, especially for me in Indonesia. Why? because it's very rare to be able to voice to text but Indonesian, there are many for English, yes.. but for Indonesian itself, this is the winner! so for me this feature makes it easy for blogging / article writing activities, so that my hands don't get sore typing.

Now! in this session we discuss how to display the dictation icon, so that it is easier for us to do dictation or writing in our own voice.

15. How to show Virtual Keyboard icon

Yup! This Chromebook has a virtual keyboard as well, on screen. Here we discuss how to display the virtual keyboard icon, so that if you need a virtual keyboard, it will be faster to display it.

16. How to Make Cursor Big

If you are bored with the Cursor with the default size, then you can change it to be bigger, so that the cursor becomes more visible for you to see.

In this session we discuss how.

17. How to show mouse cursor highlight when moving

We can also display mouse highlights when moved on a chromebook! here in this session we discuss it!

18. How to Change the mouse color

If you are bored with the default Chromebook cursor color, then in this session I will tell you how to change the Chromebook cursor color to another color.

19. How to change chrome browser theme background

In this session we discuss personalizing the Chrome browser theme, bro, we can change its appearance to the many options available in the Chrome browser.

20. How to change lacross browser theme background

If you have activated the Lacros browser on your chromebook, you can also change the appearance of the Lacros browser theme! there are lots of design options, you can even add videos to make it your home display on the lacross browser! and in this session we tell you how to change it.

21. How to pin login without typing password

I'm also lazy, if every time we log in we enter our email password, if the password is short and easy to remember, it's okay, but if the password is complicated? ouch, this will be very troublesome, because e-mail passwords if too easy will be dangerous too! well, it turns out that on chromebook there is a feature to log in with a pin! so you don't have to type in your email password! just enter using a pin with 6 digits according to what you set earlier.

and in this discussion, we will tell you how to create a pin to login to your chromebook, so that when you log in to your favorite chromebook, you don't need to type in your email password.

22. How to turn on Launch Sound when ChromeOS Logo appears until Login.

Maybe this is a bit invisible, but on the chromebook it turns out that there is also a sound for when you turn on the chromebook when the chromeos logo appears. In this session we discuss how to activate it.

23. How to change the primary chromebook account picture icon

In this session we will tell you how to change the icon on the main chromebook account

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Hope it's useful bro ^_^

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