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LINUX KERNEL 6.1 Chromebooks is COMING!

Chromebook Linux Update - Today I want to tell you about this excitement! Previously, I had discussed and tried to install it when Debian 12 was released a few months ago in 2023, at that time I tried to upgrade the Linux chromebook environment because my curiosity was quite high.


Then as a result I upgraded to Debian 12 with a Code Name based on the Toy Story name, this time "Bookworm", if you are curious, you can search on Google for the bookworm character.

That's OK, we can upgrade to Debian 12, it's just that At that time, what I noted at that time was that some software could not run as it should, or there were errors, Yup! The problem is that the Linux kernel on Chromebook version 113, if I'm not mistaken at that time, was still Linux Kernel 5.1, whereas for Debian 12 Bookworm it used Linux kernel 6.1 

Finally I also rolled back to Debian 11 Bullseye.


Video Guide to Upgrading Linux Kernel 6.1 and Upgrading Debian Bookworm on Chromebook


Well! This November, to be precise, in the ChromeOS v119 release update, along with the crosh update 119 for Linux, it turns out that by using several methods, we can get Linux Kernel 6.1! This means we can run Debian 12 normally! Even though we haven't tested this 100% for various existing software, for some of the primary software that I usually use, such as file manager, Inkscape (installed version of Debian's apt repository), which used to be a mess, is now good and running smoothly.

In this RahmanCyber Youtube Channel video, specifically on the Linux Chromebook Playlist - This time we will update the discussion again on the Linux Chromebook Environment playlist :), this time BIG UPGRADE bro!! we can get a more attractive appearance in FILE MANAGER NAUTILUS and various default applications for the gnome 43 desktop environment
It's really great... :)

I summarize the step by step method directly in this short video... don't miss it, then you can start over from the beginning..., make sure you don't skip it so that errors don't arise later which will cause you to have to reinstall the Linux environment...



Video Step by Step Upgrading Debian Bullseye to Debian Bookworm from scratch and How to Solve Problems that Appear, such as Password Requests

You can go to our previous post which discussed upgrading Debian Bookworm here Experiment Upgrade Linux Debian 11 Bullseye to Debian 12 Bookworm, Here are the Results!

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