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Terms of Use

Conditions for Material Retrieval at Rahman Cyber

- Taking material whether it is shared or used for public (non-commercial) purposes is permitted by the author, as long as it is not plagiarism (directly from copy-paste). Respect the poor self-esteem of the author. By including article sources.

Terms of Download

-Need to know, all download links in the software category on Rahmancyber are all legal. For example for software we do not provide Key / crack links or other misuse.

-For music, we only provide only to be heard in streaming. Does not provide a download link. Sorry.

-For content other than the content downloaded above. The ones labeled are legal for download such as material, tutorials, and other content labeled legally. Can be directly downloaded.

There is a writing error in an article

-When there is an error in writing, please be criticized, or we can fix it right away. Because naturally every writer has a mistake

--Terms of Use--

Features at Rahmancyber

-We are trying to provide the most comfortable convenience possible for users to enjoy this rahmancyber website, with a variety of updated features just for the convenience of users.

The feature change is our authority.

Subscribe to Via Articles

- We make it easy for users to enjoy each post via email for free. Please register your email in the box provided.

Information Truth

-Here we are trying to present every information as accurately as possible, but if there is a news or typing error, we, as authors, apologize profusely. And if there are criticisms or reports from users to us that the information we post is incorrect. Then we will search and if the article is really wrong, we will delete the article. So that the participation of users is also very meaningful for us to present information that is truly accurate and quality. Sorry, here we justify each other, the name is also the author if there is an error, it's normal /

These terms and conditions also apply to all RahmanCyber ​​Network sites such as:


R4CProject and Other Sites incorporated in RahmanCyber ​​Network

Ok, friend, congratulations on navigating comfortably at

These terms and conditions are made June 24, 2012

and the Periodic Update was carried out on March 13, 2016