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Step-by-Step Guide: Installing and Running GyroFlow v1.5 on Chromebook | ChromeOS | ChromeOS Flex


Okay, in this scenario, we are attempting to install the Gyroflow software on a friend's Chromebook. Specifically, we are trying to install it on Chrome OS. However, it becomes particularly relevant when we use it for Chrome OS Flex, as both operating systems share a similar foundation based on the Linux environment, both of which are developed by Google.

Previously, we conducted a test where we updated the firmware on the DJI Action 2. As a result, the DJI Action 2 is now capable of recording movement data, which can be further processed using the Gyroflow software.

What is Gyroflow?

What is Gyroflow?

Based on my understanding, Gyroflow is a software designed for post-editing purposes when recording with an action camera. In this context, we record footage using an action camera without applying the default stabilization settings. As a result, the action camera captures gyro movement data that serves as a reference point for post-editing stabilization using the Gyroflow software.

This GyroFlow is Multi Platform!!! (Windows, Linux, MAC OS)

Fortunately, Gyroflow is not limited to the Windows platform. It is also available in other versions, including Linux and macOS. This means that we can use Gyroflow on Linux, including Chromebooks and Chrome OS Flex. We have covered various discussions on this topic on our main channel in Indonesia, and specifically, we can run the Linux version of the Gyroflow software.

If you are new to Chromebooks and want to learn more, I recommend watching our Indonesian-language video on the Rahmancyber channel. You can utilize the translation feature on YouTube to directly translate the content into your preferred language, such as English or your local language. This way, you can also learn about Indonesian culture and technology simultaneously.

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Chromebook Cannot Run Video MP4 with HEVC / H265 CODEC

Chromebook Cannot Play Videos in MP4 Format with HEVC/H.265 Codec

During our testing, we discovered that Chromebooks are currently unable to play videos in MP4 format that utilize the HEVC/H.265 codec. However, Chromebooks can still play videos encoded with the H.264 codec.

Fortunately, the Gyroflow Software provides a solution. Even though Chromebooks cannot directly run videos with the HEVC codec, once Gyroflow is installed, it enables playback of video files encoded with the HEVC codec.

Conclusion and Finally

So, there we have succeeded in installing it on a chromebook so to see the process, you can go directly to the video that I have included in the discussion of this article.

I hope this will be useful for you and add to the discussion in my short tips

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