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How to Run Obs Studio for Streaming (Live Broadcast) on Chromebook



OBS Studio is software for streaming huh ..
Besides that this can also be made a screen recording ..

OBS Studio apparently can be used in Chromebook.

Even though here we use Samsung Chromebook 4, but yes, in terms of performance if for those who are used to streaming using a PC or laptop streaming ... it feels different ...

Because we have to be patient ..

*Just with that OBS Studio can be run on Chromebook not only can install it ...



How come my OBS studio can't be run on My Chromebook?


Even though you have activated Linux on your chromebook, and have downloaded and successfully installed OBS Studio, this is not necessarily you can use it.

Because OBS cannot walk in the Chromeos container. So obs studio can't walk in Costini Linux which is arguably similar to a virtual machine.



How to Run Obs Studio on Chromebook


Therefore OBS Studio can be run only when you eliminate Chromebook limits by switching to developer mode / developer mode. After that, you still can't run it on Linux that you make using Costini Chromebook, because this OBS cannot walk in the container. So obs has to get access to resources directly to physical hardware.

So here I install Crouton to run the Ubuntu version that is still Xeniel.

For details, the way like this:


1. You have to switch first to the developer mode, not only move channels, but move chromebook mode from stable to developer mode. The following is for the video guide.

2. You need to install Crouton to run Ubuntu side by side with Chromeos. Chromebook video tutorial using Crouton is here in Indonesian.



3. After that you can use the Ubuntu terminal to do the installation like you use Debian in Costini, because Ubuntu is a Debian derivative, so

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

After that you first add the OBS Studio repository for Ubuntu ..


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio

Then did we run the command as usual ...

sudo apt install obs-studio

on the selection command y/n select y

4. After that you can run OBS Studio normally as in this video ..


Here you can copy the Stream Key and put it in the streaming OBS settings and start streaming.

Weaknesses Obs Studio in Chromebook:


  • 1. When OBS Studio we run in Chromebook Low End as I have, Samsung Chromebook 4, this will slow down when we use a lot of layers, while for some sources there are not used because they are too lag, usually this one is related to graphic raster .
  • 2. There is like a line in the OBS Studio monitor, but this does not have an impact on the quality of stream and recording in Chromebook, the results will not appear lines. It only appears on the preview monitor.
  • 3. Because Chromebook is in the developer mode, and there is no security limit that protects, it will be dangerous for ordinary users. If there are hardware problems due to this, the warranty can be canceled. So you need to consider this.
  • 4. OBS This studio is most likely that it can be very smooth when in Chromebook with qualified hardware specifications, only for Chromebook prices with high hardware specifications is still quite expensive and rare in my country 'indonesian'.

Strengths of OBS Studio in Chromebook:


  • 1. We can stream using Chromebook, whether it's for screen recording or to present ourselves on a webcam camera, and add other resources that are usually done in OBS Studio.
  • 2. We can stream anywhere to the Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, IG platform with Chromebook.

That's all the discussion on how to run OBS-STUDIO on Chromebook, hopefully useful for you.


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