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Solution How to Fix Problems or Errors Not Working on the Samsung Chromebook 4 Keyboard

PLAYLIST CHROMEBOOK-HARDWARE | again adding the video, this time it's a problem around the KEYBOARD that happens to Chromebooks, especially Samsung Chromebook 4, BECAUSE IT WAS A SAMSUNG CHROMEBOOK 4.

So a few days ago I had a problem with the Chromebook keyboard not working properly, aka an error, when I pressed the power button it didn't work, pressing the ctrl key turned off, the refresh button turned off, pressed one of the letters, instead clicked all and this turns out to be a lot of DMs and comments about the problematic keyboard..

and I also got it, and I've been using it for more than a year, of course the warranty is no longer valid..

then I try to find a solution, especially for my viewers on this channel... some I answer directly, and then I document here how my steps are in finding the cause of the problem, which I hope is useful for all my friends, especially those who are experiencing problems the same one..

from when I ran into a problem, to trying various things to come to a conclusion, so actually the video is really long, every time I try one thing, I record, try one thing, I record, but here I've recapitulated it in a shorter video form.. .and to the point...


so a few days ago we had a problem when the keyboard on the chromebook had a problem and couldn't be pressed and some even typed on their own like that. and try to clean the ports that are in the sea But if you remember that here this chromebook is designed so that dust doesn't get in easily, so yes, we don't have too much trouble about this, but here it turns out that suddenly we get a solution to solve the problem of a keyboard that is problematic and can't work well on this Samsung chromebook 4

#chromebook #keyboard #repair
how to fixing keyboard samsung chromebook 4 error not working mis


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