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Complete Guide: Live Streaming Screen and Camera on Chromebook to Popular Streaming Platforms (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook)

PLAYLIST: CHROMEBOOK-ANDROID | Hello RahmanCyber friends! In this video, we will demonstrate how to perform free live streaming on a Chromebook to YouTube. We will start from the basics and guide you through the process until you can successfully stream on YouTube.

We would like to express our gratitude to those who have messaged us on Facebook, emphasizing the importance of discussing streaming on Chromebooks. Therefore, we have dedicated this video to address this topic.

During this tutorial, we will be utilizing RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol). We will provide a step-by-step guide on how to use RTMP, along with a detailed explanation of what RTMP is. Furthermore, we will highlight the advantages of this method in comparison to other approaches.

Additionally, we will explore how to optimize streaming settings based on the capabilities of your Chromebook device.

  •      Chromebook for Live Streaming Trials / Live Broadcasts:
  •      Samsung Chromebook 4 (Chromebook Basic)
  •      Processor N4020 INTEL
  •      4GB of RAM
  •      Storage 32 eMMC
  •      MIFI MODEM ORBIT STAR 2 internet connection

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Scope of Discussion of Chromebook Live Streaming Material

Here some Section that include on video.

     1. Installing the Streaming Application
     2. Layout Introduction, and Application Registration
     3. Audio, Video, Bitrate, FPS, and other settings
     4. Setting Source Streaming
     5. Linking between the software and the Streaming Platform
     6. Scheduling Streaming Youtube
     7. Stream Key
     8. Live Streaming Youtube from Chromebook
     9. Test Scene Change
     10. Trial to see the performance of Stream results on a PC
     11. Overcoming Slow Streaming
     12. Overcoming Hang or Crash Applications

Live Streaming Chromebooks using STREAMLABS

Here, our aim is to provide learning opportunities through software or applications that meet specific criteria and are available for free. STREAMLABS stands out as the ideal application for this purpose.

Why do I refer to it as an application? It's because the version of Streamlabs we utilize is specifically designed for Android, enabling us to run it on Chromebooks.

Now, how does the Chromebook perform when it comes to running live streaming directly from the device? The video above showcases the test I conducted using my own Samsung Chromebook 4.

But what about other Chromebooks? In this regard, I have presented the specifications of my own Chromebook, which falls into the basic Chromebook category with very basic specifications.

Therefore, if you happen to use a Chromebook with higher specifications, I believe it will deliver even better performance. It's worth mentioning that Streamlabs is also compatible with smartphones. Hence, if you own a Chromebook with a Non-Intel x64 Processor, commonly known as an ARM Processor typically found in smartphones like Qualcomm, you can still utilize Streamlabs.





Even though Streamlabs can be used for free, it also offers a paid version called "Ultra" which provides a more extensive range of features. By subscribing to Ultra on a monthly or yearly basis, you gain access to a variety of additional cool features. These include various streaming themes to add diversity to your streams and several other features that are unavailable in the free version.

In the free version, there are certain limitations and features available. For instance, you can only add one guest for collaboration, storage is limited to 1GB, streaming is done using MELON Stream, and recording from the browser is restricted to a maximum of 4 hours, with a watermark. However, you can still use Streamlabs on desktop or Android mobile without any fees.

whereas if we join the ultra membership, then the various features are Unlimited, like we can stream directly only from the browser using melon without a time limit and the watermark is removed, even for guests up to 11 guests / cameras for collabs, the storage we get becomes 10gb and can multistream simultaneously! You can see further comparisons at


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