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Linux Chromebook Tutorial from Basic to Running Linux Apps from SD Card



This video is quite long, here I try to make a structured learning video for an introduction to the Linux environment, from basic explanations until we can run Linux applications from the SD Card.

Not only screenshots, but an explanation in the form of direct voice, because I'm not on camera... er on cam, but I'll cover it up because it looks bad, it'll be annoying :) ... so just the voice explanation, okay...

The video is made as "SLOW" as possible.. basic target audience..
If you want to be fast, you can change the speed of video playback on YouTube.

Dominant Video RecordScreen using live Chromebook. 1920x1080p or FullHD resolution.

What's in the material?

 * What is Linux Environment or Linux Environment?
 *Is if we remove Linux there will be problems on the chromebook?
 *Can the Linux Environment be disabled again? or disabled?
 *Things to note before Disabling Linux on Chromebook
 *How to Disable Linux Environment?
 * Is the shared Linux folder also deleted?
 *How to Enable Linux Environment on Chromebook
 *How to Activate ADB Linux to be able to install Android APK and Consequences
 *How to Enable USB Device on Linux
 *How to Activate Microphone on Linux Chromebook
 *What is Linux Terminal
 *How to Update and Upgrade Apps Package (APT - Advanced Package Tool) on Debian Linux?
 *Examples of Linux Terminal Commands
 *Terminal vs File Manager GUI (Graphical User Interface)
 *How to Install Software from APT Linux Debian
 *Install NEMO File Manager
 *How to Use NEMO File Manager
 *How to Run APPIMAGE Software from NEMO File Manager
 *How to Run AppImage Software Faster
 *Discussion Conclusion

Latest ChromeOS Update version 102.
Samsung Chromebook 4 | 4GB RAM | 32GB Storage

#linux #chromebook #crostinilinuxenvironment

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