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How to Install Inkscape on a Chromebook Laptop

MyshortTips Chromebook Tutorial -  Support for Linux, makes Chrome OS more complete, so that we can run Linux software, such as this Inkscape vector graphic design software.

The Linux Beta in CHROME OS is apparently debian, so if you are used to using Debian OS before, maybe you will get used to it, even if you are a linux user, you will understand how to install via the terminal.

*I see this is Debian 11 bullseye

What is Inkscape?

What is inkscape, I have discussed on RahmanCyber.NET, the point is, this is software for graphic design, more specifically for VECTOR design.

Even here we can also export to eps format which usually has to use Adobe Illustrator..

In addition, we can also create pattern objects easily in Inkscape which is a free open source software.

How to install inkscape on Chrome OS

1. You can first fix the problems that usually occur when you turn on the Linux environment for the first time.

sometimes the linux application that we have installed takes a long time to open or can't run, that's what we experienced, because the chrome os had run out of updates...

so we do a repair on our chromebook laptop system by means, Open the Terminal application, then run this command:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

2. After that, you can directly install it by typing the sudo command in the terminal.. like this

sudo apt-get update

then click ENTER on the Keyboard

after that enter the command install inkscape.

sudo apt-get install inkscape

3. If Y/n appears, please enter the command Y

Then after that inkscape will be downloaded first, make sure your internet connection is there and is stable, after it has been successfully downloaded, it will be installed directly without you needing to enter the command again.

if it looks like this..

install inkscape di chrome os

Then the installation was successful

Inkscape successful INSTALL on ChromeBook

inkscape di Chromebook

well, what's lacking, try.. a chromebook can install Inkscape, you know.. :)

I've tried several functions, and it works fine on the SAMSUNG CHROMEBOOK 4 which I just bought last week..

How is Inkscape on Linux Debian ChromeOS different from the Windows version of Inkscape?

I think there's almost no difference... because it's the same as the latest version of Inkscape 1.1, and in terms of appearance, I haven't found any errors like some other software that I installed on Linux which run in a virtual machine on ChromeOS.

It's just... how come there's no docking here... the dialog box can't be docked, or I haven't found a way to customize it, I don't know either.. :)

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