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Samsung Chromebook 4 Review and Specifications with 32Gb eMMC and 4GB RAM

Today, I started running a Google Chromebook .. yeah, i have Samsung Chromebook 4, yes... maybe in the future most will use a Chromebook with Chrome OS which has various new nuances for me...! yup, because this is the first time I'm using Chrome OS which is the operating system for this Chromebook laptop. 


But that doesn't mean I'm 100 percent using a Chromebook, no.. I'm flexible.



review samsung chromebook 4 berdasarkan pengalaman pake


I got the Chromebook laptop package from a purchase that was chasing a discount as usual, so I got this laptop at a fairly affordable price, which is 2.6 million rupiah... the cashback I got from some purchases last month was 250 thousand rupiah and a cashback discount which I got from the purchase, so if I round it up :) , I got a Samsung Chromebook 4 with Platinum Titanium color, Made in Vietnam for 2.5 million rupiahs.

Wow cheap huh? hmmm, but you need to wait bro.. :) and maybe later it will go up again, I don't know, because this year it's not expensive laptops.. and maybe this month november december, there has been a decline in times huh.. but i look for other laptops still a little less, or still high in the price range.

What's in the UNBOXING Package?

Inside the cardboard package, we get 3 items plus 2 books... the details are as follows:

  • Chromebook 4 Samsung 4gb Ram and 32GB eMMC Storage which has been filled with chrome OS in it.
  • The USB Type C to Type C cable which looks quite strong and long is black.
  • Chromebook 4 Charger Adapter which has a USB Type C connection port.
  • Manuals, Chromebook 4
  • Chromebook 4 Warranty Book (1 year warranty duration)

What's the Samsung Chromebook 4 like?

Maybe there have been a lot of pictures milling about this Samsung Chromebook 4, especially in promotional materials, so how does it appear directly to consumers? yup! I'm a consumer here.. so this is a photo of the Samsung Chromebook 4 that I got. 

chromebook 4 samsung 2021 intel celeron n4020

it's a Chromebook that I placed right above the cardboard packaging, with the conditions I've set and managed to log into the chrome os desktop with my google account.

Because in Chrome OS we can also be in Guest Mode which does not require a password to login to our Chrome OS desktop. but the features are limited for browsing only.

btw, I'm typing and designing a photo watermark using chrome OS... eh Chromebook... so I think I'm getting used to this new secretary of mine... hehe
This Chromebook that says it's military standard...

So it's suitable to be taken anywhere.. it's cheap and affordable..
Strong? Just try it first, hope it lasts...

Chromebooks for Education?

Yes! like windows is not it? can be used to support education, but if it is only for education... hmmm, not really, why? In fact, I think this Chromebook is also suitable for supporting businesses that require high mobility and do more work online on the internet... and that doesn't mean that graphic designers can't, it turns out that they can.... Because there is google play which indicates some android apps can run on Chrome OS.
Of course this is a breath of fresh air for consumers who have a limited budget like me....
With support for android applications, I think this Chromebook cannot be underestimated.
Because many android applications are sophisticated and sophisticated... they can even edit videos..
Oh yes.. for information..
Kinemaster as a popular Video Editor on Android, can run on Chrome OS, you know...
I've tried it, and it looks pretty relieved.. 

Chromebooks can also install Pixellab, which is a design application that is quite popular on Android, of course with a more spacious screen display. However, I found a problem for the effect settings section and various other tools that still don't work well, hehe...
only if this concern is taken into account in the future, so that later Android can be x the same as Chrome OS, this will attract a lot of attention...can multi devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops) become a fairly strong technology ecosystem, coupled with a variety of Cloud Computing which is already quite well established .
If you buy an Android application, you don't need to spend more money to run it on a laptop.. that's good..

Moreover, there is LINUX BETA, where it is possible for Chrome OS to be able to run LINUX-based applications, even though this is still beta, but I think the future of Chrome OS can shine with this...

Moreover, Infinite Design and Infinite Paint can be installed too, that's good enough in my opinion for light graphic design,
Oh yes... the android version of KRITA can also be installed on Chrome OS, bro, but I found there was a lag like that... 

But when the application is usually installed on a laptop, of course, the laptop screen will be more spacious when compared to a smartphone, right? ^_^

Yup! My Chromebook's screen size is 11.6 inches, and I'm quite comfortable... because it's easy to carry around... and doesn't seem full in my bag.

Even though it's quite heavy... hehe, 1.18kg for the Chromebook 4's weight... eh, that's light ^_^

In terms of software and applications too. When I see, there are a lot of android applications that support... even though you can't meet Microsoft Office offline, but there are also many replacements... :), apart from that if you subscribe to Office 365, then you can use it. on chromebook using browser and online mode.

For those who have a limited economy like me, a chromebook can be an option... because not everyone has the same position, the same economic ability.

So bro, this Chromebook can be used not only in the world of education but in the business world that is run online in a browser or business support applications such as Google Keep, too, as long as it's not too heavy and the work can be covered on a Chromebook....
There are, for example, financial applications that can only run on Windows OS, which require a special database... unless it can be accessed online... I think many devices can afford it... (Please differentiate this from financial applications. which does require special database processing offline) hehe

The key is, for light computer work, because the chromebook 4 processor is an Intel Celeron N4020, which is indeed for the entry level class.
For a light graphic design or just a display, it's okay.. Moreover, this chromebook can last up to half a day, you know, it's very different from laptops in general, right.. ^_^ it is designed to save energy, save power .... just like a smartphone.
Chrome OS + Android = Powerful!
Chrome OS + Android + Linux = Superior Ecosystem! 

Can you bro? what do you think if it really happened?
this happen.

The Screen is Very Good 

This Samsung Chromebook is not have touchscreen function... but, i'd like... this anti glare... so... this not mirror me when i took a picture or shoit for making learning material...

I'd like this...

Little storage?

It is undeniable that the device I bought, has limited storage, even more my smartphone.

This Samsung Chromebook 4 storage uses an eMMC (Embedded Multi-Media Controller) which has a capacity of 32Gb, and has been truncated for a system of 13Gb.

At first, I thought.. it's just a little bit, I'll install a variety of applications, so it's full..

Well, apparently, no...

status penyimpanan chromebook 32gb

Maybe it could be for the next few years, the size of this 32Gb capacity "may" be considered small, but for now I don't think so.

Oh yeah, why don't you just use a hard drive? I don't understand, what's clear is that eMMC is below the SSD, and above it is a Harddisk, so even this eMMC can make the laptop size slimmer, because this internal storage is embedded or embedded directly into the board...

Have you ever disassembled a smartphone? the old one is old, the eMMC is not UFS(Universal Flash Storage).. even though they are both attached to the same board... hehe, so it's not easy to remove and install it, unless you have a special tool... with a special method.

It's different from the hard drive that we can take down and if there is trouble, then it can be replaced with another hard drive... :)

Don't worry, we can add external memory.. MicroSD Card..

The plan is to install MicroSDXC which has a size of more than 32GB, usually above 64GB.

I usually look for one that already has a transfer rate above 100mbps, now there are already ones with a speed of 170mbps..

wait wait... what are you trying to do, hehe, it's perfect for my smartphone...

Which can record 4K smoothly...

For this laptop, I think 100Mb is enough, just adjust the size, for example 128Gb? yup! it's good enough for multimedia files, isn't it :)

Samsung Chromebook 4 Spec

Operating System

    Chrome OS

Processor / Chipset

    Intel® Celeron® Processor N4020 (1.10 Ghz up to 2.70 Ghz 4 MB L2 Cache)


    Intel® UHD Graphics 600


    11.6" HD LED Display (1366 x 768), Anti-Reflective


    4 GB LPDDR4 Memory (On BD 4 GB)


    32 GB e.MMC

Optical Drive



    Platinum Titan


    Stereo Speakers ( 1.5 W x 2 )
    Internal Digital Mic
    720p HD Camera


    802.11 ac wave2 2X2


    1 USB-C®
    1 USB3.0
    MicroSD Multi-media Card Reader
    1 Headphone out/Mic-in Combo


    Island-type keyboard


    Slim Security Slot
    TPM (Trusted Platform Module)*


    39 Wh
    * Adapter is different depend on system
    30 W / 45 W / 65 W USB-C® Adapter*

Dimension (W x D x H)

    287.9 x 202.3 x 16.7 mm (11.33" x 7.96" x 0.66")


    1.18 kg (2.60 lbs)

*sorry for bad grammar... ^_^ this translate mode.

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