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Review of the M590 Bluetooth Mouse or Mice that works for Chromebooks

Chromebook Device Compatibility Review - Mouse or commonly called Mice, this is one of the computer input devices that is usually held by hand to select commands that have been simplified into a graphical interface display. 

So we just need to click click and click, without having to type commands from the keyboard. Commands in the GUI can be executed easily by right-clicking or left-clicking on the mouse. But most mice, both low-cost to high-priced computer mice, currently have 3 buttons. Left Button, Center Button and Right Button, plus scroll to scroll through pages, just like Websites.


Mouse atau Mice M590 Bluetooth untuk Chromebook
 Mouse or Mice M590 Bluetooth for Chromebook


In this article, we discuss one of the mice that I have used and runs on Chromebooks well, although on the sales website it is not stated that it can be used on chromebooks, only on the main web outside the marketplace, it turns out that there is information that it can be used on chromebooks.

Logitech M590 Bluetooth Mouse

This is a bluetooth mouse that I tried to buy from the exchange of cashback funds that had accumulated in the marketplace and couldn't be cashed... ^_^. I got this mouse at a price of 365 thousand... with the aim of features like this Mouse has 2 Switches or can be said to be Multi-Device, besides that, this mouse can also be in USB Receiver mode with Unifying.


spesifikasi mice m590 bisa chromebook


It's just that the USB Receiver doesn't seem to work, well, I tried it on a Chromebook, only when it's used on a Windows computer, this USB receiver can run well.

So we can only use bluetooth to connect to the chromebook.

But even so, we can also move quickly from a chromebook to another device, such as a smartphone... because this Mice Logitech M590 MULTI-SILENT DEVICE can switch between devices.

This mouse has a Flow feature, where we can copy and paste from one laptop to another with the same or different operating system, only I see it can't be used on Chromebooks, only on Windows and Mac... because there is some kind of additional software. As long as we can install the software, we can use that feature.

Only if you haven't, no.. :)

This mouse also supports various operating systems, divided into two, because this Mouse/Mice has 2 types of connection, namely usb dongle and bluetooth... so it is very flexible.

Logitech Unifying Receiver

Requires: Empty USB port, of course this is actually a problem for my chromeboo which only has a limited usb port...

  •     Windows® 10,11 or later
  •     macOS 10.5 or later
  •     Chrome OS™
  •     Linux Kernel 2.6+


Requires: Bluetooth low energy technology, and this works perfectly for the chromebook I have, the Samsung Chromebook 4

For supported OS..

  •     Windows 10,11 or later
  •     macOS 10.5 or later
  •     Chrome OS
  •     Linux Kernel 2.6+
  •     Android™ 5.0 or later
  •     iPadOS 13.4 or later


Unboxing Logitech M590

After the package arrives, of course we usually unbox it... it turns out that this mouse fits in my hand, I don't know if I have a friend...


battery m590



The point is that the size of this computer mouse is not too small, not too big... so it just fits.

When unboxing, it can only contain this:

  • Mouse/Mice Logitech M590
  • 1x Battery AA
  • Usb Mouse Unifying Receiver
  • User Documentation is in the Package



M590 Mouse Warranty

Yes, I get an official 1 year warranty.. but this kind of thing is rarely used... if not, the product can't be used or it doesn't work when you buy it... right, it's returned... only this is for a big brand like this rarely happens... except when something hard hits it when it breaks... wkwkwk 

M590 Silent?


logitech Mice M590



This is one of the features offered in the promotion, right, so it's silent, but when you don't feel it, it's like the Microsoft Arch Touch Mouse... if the clicking sound is still there, even though it's been reduced a lot... especially if the table is rough, the sound when the mouse moves, you can hear it ^_^ eat it with a Mouse Pad... how cheap on the market, can keep the mouse from scratching too..

Mouse Body M590


Body Mouse M590
body Mouse M590 Logitech


If you look at it, it's a left and right mouse that's not symmetrical... but it's made that way for a comfortable grip... hehe.

It suits me, because it's better to be comfortable to wear, even though it doesn't look symmetrical... rather than

It's just that the shape is not slim, making it difficult for me to put it in a Laptop Bag which yesterday when I used an arc mouse I could put it in without looking bloated... hehe

So when you bring this M590 Mouse, you need a special place so it doesn't look bloated.



  • Thickness: 40 mm
  • Weight (with battery): 101 g
  • Height: 103 mm
  • Width: 64mm

Logitech Unifying Receiver

  • Thickness: 6.1 mm
  • Weight: 1.8 g
  • Height: 14.4 mm
  • Width: 18.7 mm

How is M590 Connectivity to Chromebook?


M590 is connected to an Android Smartphone, Java is fluent.. can make blogging


The point is it's smooth, we just need to do the pairing as usual.. Quesearch has also made a video on how to pair it here.

How does the Mice M590 Bluetooth run on a Chromebook?

Good luck! the middle button is my target for 3D modeling in Blender.. it's okay and works well, including the scroll..

Can Flow to Different OS, for example from Chromebook to Windows?

Of course not, even from the Logistics side, it has been stated that this applies to only one platform, we also need to install additional software to flow or copy paste between devices directly. 

What are the Technical Specifications of this M590 Mouse?

This mouse already uses SilentTouch Technology

Sensor technology used

High Precision Optical Tracing 

DPI (Min./Max.): 1000±

Button part specifications

buttons: 7

Specifications in the Scrolling section

Precision scrolling wheel

Scroll Wheel: Yes, Rubber

Tilt Wheel: Yes with middle click

Gesture Support (Windows): Yes

Gesture Support (Mac): Yes

Specifications in the Battery section

Battery: 24 months 1Battery life may vary, based on user and computing.

Battery Information: 1 X AA (included)

Connectivity section specifications

  • Connection Type: Bluetooth low energy and 2.4 GHz wireless connection
  • Wireless range: 10 m 2Wireless range may vary depending on user, environmental and computing conditions.
  • Easy-Switch, 2 channels

Indicator Light Specifications

  LED: Battery and Connectivity/Channel LED

Some optional software

This is the software of choice that you can install or not, depending on your needs regarding the function, if it's just for a normal mouse... not installing it is also okay.

  •     Logitech Options
  •     Logitech Flow

Conclusion of the M590 Mouse Review


This M590 mouse is quite capable for various needs and conditions, moreover flexible connectivity, and a fairly affordable price, very suitable to be paired with our Chromebooks.

Where Can I Get M590 Mouse Mouse


Actually, there are many places you can go, even at a computer shop, if the M590 product hasn't been discontinued yet... wkwkwk

But here I try to give a reference for my friend..

I choose based on user experience and where I bought it too... ehehe

Get M590 Bluetooth Mouse in Orange Market

Get M590 Bluetooth Mouse in Market Green Color


that link is indonesian online store.. :)


May be useful.



This article has been published on our indonesian site. 

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