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Review Using Taffware Soundcard Live Broadcast Bluetooth USB V10

Actually, we have discussed this tool before on the RahmanCyber Channel, namely Taffware V10, this tool is really possible and is in the form of a box with rounded edges on each side of the box.

We released the unboxing video several years ago.


So it's a video Unboxing Taffware Audio Bluetooth USB External Soundcard Live Broadcast Microphone Headset with Remote - V10, why did I choose Taffware V10 compared to Taffware V8 Plus which has Bluetooth capability and the same price is expensive, Is this item worth it,, In my opinion, Worth it is used to broadcast and stream live on various platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and others.

Of course, if you already have a more budget, we can buy a more professional one, only for a limited budget, this taffware v10 is really good.

RahmanCyber.NET uses it to make videos on RahmanCyber's official youtube channel.

What material is the Taffware Soundcard Bluetooth v10 case made of?

This Taffware v10 case I see mostly uses plastic, but it is quite solid and sturdy, with some of the small buttons using rubber to cover the buttons which are also made of plastic.

During use, have you experienced any damage?

Yup, I've been using it for quite a while, from 2018 or 2019 if I'm not mistaken, so it's been years, and overall here I can give a rating of 70%, yes of course because of use, friend, and I also rarely clean, this mine is dusty.. then some of the rubber buttons come off.. hehe this is also because I myself don't take good care of it, especially there is a rat in my place that makes this a mess...

Oh yeah, this past year Taffware v10 won't turn on, I thought it was broken, after I unpacked it and tested the Battery section it was still okay, and the voltage test was okay too..

But it turns out that the problem is in the Switch on off section.. so I need to replace it myself, and it's cheap :) the switch button doesn't reach 5000 silver at the most.. and it's Jreng jreng.. finally my Taffware V10 bluetooth external soundcard, can come back to life and normal until now.

Does this Taffware v10 have Noise Reduction?

From my observations, there is no.. here I connect Taffware v10 with a PC via the "Live" port available on Taffware v10, where it will send several audio sources plugged in the port on Taffware v10 into one via the "Live" port the.

Here there are two Liver Ports... namely Live Port 1 and Live Port 2... so you can live on two devices at the same time, for example on a Computer and Smartphone.

Very interesting, for Live Zoom, Google Meet, we can be more varied and also we can change voices directly during Online Meetings.. hehe.

Can this Taffware External Soundcard v10 Change our Sound?

Yup! It's really possible, bro, there are several sound options, it's just that for monitoring the sound isn't on the screen, bro, so to change voices, just press the "Pitch Bend" button, and listen to the sound directly.

There are variations in female voices, male voices, small children's voices, deep voices... quite varied..

Can Taffware v10 Soundcard accept Audio sources from Bluetooth?

Yup! it's really possible, so you don't need to buy a Bluetooth Receiver anymore bro.. everything is included, just pair your device to this Taffware v10.. and it will be detected automatically.

Here, I've tried it on a smartphone device like the Samsung A03S, bro... so it's quite universal.

Can we connect this to the Sound System?

Yes, as long as there is a hifi input output port for the AUX cable.... oh yes, we also use a HIFI connector to connect to the computer, bro... so the ports on the computer have Audio Output and Microphone Input, now this is for Taffware v10 uses an AUX cable that has HIFI meaning that the input and output are one, bro... so we need a connector or audio adapter.

The tool is like this on the Marketplace.

Can this Taffware Soundcard Bluetooth v10 to adjust Bass?

Yup! here there is a rotary knob to adjust the BASS, so later we can add the BASS output directly from the device, friend, so you don't need software anymore to edit audio to add bass.

Can this Taffware Soundcard Bluetooth v10 to set Treble?

Yup! here there is a rotary knob to adjust the Treble, so that later we can add Treble to the output directly from the device, friend, so you don't need software anymore to edit audio to add Treble.

What are the uses of Taffware v10 USB External Soundcard?

There is a lot related to Audio, so this tool can create artificial electronic sound effects (a total of 19 Sound Effects and 6 Effect Modes including MC, Pitch Bend) which can be combined live from the microphone that we have.

I'm here. I usually use it for broadcast and live streaming on various platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and others, as well as for recording purposes, so there's no need to bother editing with audio editing software like Audacity just to add effects.

What sound control does Taffware Soundcard External v10 have?

The available sound control knobs include echo, treble, bass, record volume control, music volume control and monitoring volume control (earphone function).

Can this be for Mobile Phone?

Yup! yes bro.. we can use this for live Mobile (Smartphones) or PCs, laptops and even Taffware v10 this can also be for Chromebooks.

So with this, we can live through several device options.

What are the completeness of Taffware External Soundcard when Unboxing?

As in the review and unboxing video I mentioned in this post, the items I got in the product box:

  • 1 x Audio Bluetooth USB External Soundcard Live Broadcast Microphone Headset - V10
  • 3 x Audio Cable Aux
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Remote
  • 1 x User Manual

You can see the details in the video I embedded above, and for a discussion regarding my experience using the Taffware External Soundcard v10, God willing, we will add it here if there are more...

Disadvantages of Taffware Audio Soundcard External v10 What is it?

  • My battery feels drained quickly and needs to be charged.. I think if it's made for 3-4 hours non-stop if it's not while charging, if it's charging it's safe... oh yeah btw here I use a powerbank, so it doesn't overvoltage.
  • I connected it to the USB port, it turned out badly... so I only used the Audio port on the computer, bro.. the point is through the internal soundcard installed on the computer... hehe.

What are the advantages of Taffware Audio Soundcard External v10?

  • Yup! The advantage of this Taffware v10 is that it is portable and easy to carry everywhere
  • Easy to understand buttons, easy interface, not complicated
  • There are many ports for mixing
  • Can Live on 2 Devices, because there are 2 live ports
  • Can direct sound monitoring (There is a Headphone Port)
  • Can also Plate to Chromebook!

That's all of our discussion about this External Bluetooth Soundcard Taffware v10, I wrote everything based on my own usage experience, aka this is the original I wrote myself ... and I apologize if the language is still not professional. If there are additions or questions, you can directly in the comment box, yes.. But in Moderation to anticipate SPAM.

*note! maybe there is different name in some country.. this review based on my location at indonesian.

*If you want to read Indonesian article, you can visit Our Indonesian Website on here

Thanks for Reading My Article on Myshorttips!

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