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How to Remote and File Transfer Windows Computer using a Chromebook

Remote is an attempt to control devices with each other, so that if we are at a super far distance, as long as we are connected to the internet, we can connect.

So this adds flexibility.

then what about chromebook? can? you can! this is a complete discussion about remote control on a chromebook, so that your chromebook can be very flexible.. because the name is remote, you can use a smartphone, but yes.. the screen is small, isn't it.. different from a chromebook which has an embodiment like a laptop that you can lay on your lap or taurh on the table.. there's already a physical keyboard too.. hehe :)

You can see our article about chromebook which I first reviewed here.

I have categorized other discussions about Chromebooks specifically at chromebook discussion

as well as in rahmancyber's official channel on youtube.

Control your PC with Chromebook remotely using TEAMVIEWER

Teamviewer currently supports various computer operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, Rasberry Pi, Android, iOS which can control PCs remotely (Remote & File Transfer) even between continents.

On this occasion, RahmanCyber tried it on a Chromebook, so here we will use a Chromebook to control a computer remotely, we can even transfer files very easily.

How to Remotely Control a Computer (Remote and File Transfer) Using a Chromebook -

We can control Windows PC, MacOS, Linux from Chromebook! wow.. this is so amazing! because our Chromebook went "Level Up!!!"

With this we don't have to worry if for example we want to travel abroad or outside the region, between islands or between continents, hmmmm, if it's still difficult between planets.. hehe.. because it's not necessarily a planet that has been touched by humans.. :)

So that we can remotely, or transfer files from a chromebook to a PC or from a PC (Windows, MacOS, Linux) to a Chromebook very easily.

Here discusses in detail and we make it as slow as possible, so that it can be understood by all people..

What was learned?

  • ~ What is Remote Computer?
  • ~ What are its uses?
  • ~ How to make the process run smoothly?
  • ~ How to Install on both Devices (Chromebook and PC Computer)
  • ~ How to Remote Computer from Chromebook without Login
  • ~ How to Transfer Computer Files from Chromebook without login
  • ~ How to Remote Computer/PC from Chromebook by logging in
  • ~ How to Easily Transfer Computer Files from Chromebook to Computer or from Computer to Chromebook with Login
  • ~ Cause Connection Failed
  • ~ Important things to consider in Remotely Controlling a Computer using a Chromebook.

There are many more, if you watch the video from beginning to end... in this video discussing Remote Computer Remotely with Chromebooks using Teamviewer with a fairly long duration I have trimmed it down a lot, and finally it became about half an hour.

Hopefully RahmanCyber.NET subscribers and visitors to this channel, get something from here.. ^_^ , especially for fellow Chreomebook users...


How to Control Windows PC using Teamviewer on Chromebook

Chromebook Experience NEXT LEVEL!

The second way, we use Chrome Remote Desktop.

Control a PC with a Chromebook remotely using Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a remote desktop software tool, developed by Google, that allows users to remotely control another computer's desktop via a proprietary protocol also developed by Google, which is internally called Chromoting.

You can apply this method on other PCs to connect to each other.

there are 2 kinds of connection that I share the discussion here..

actually there are 3 kinds of connection types in Chrome Remote Desktop, but here I'm not discussing SSH.

Yup..! if windows has a built-in "Remote Desktop" which runs via RDP (Remote Desktop protocol)..

which is the network protocol used by Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and its built-in Remote Desktop.

Chrome has too :)

Chrome is Traffic on TCP port 443 (HTTPS)

Traffic on TCP and UDP on port 3478 (STUN)

Here we also discuss about OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) which is commonly used for streaming which we can collaborate with chromebook :)

Here you can:

  • - Controlling a Windows PC or can be called mirroring remotely using a chromebook with chrome remote desktop / Chrome Remote Desktop
  • - Controlling Chromebooks or can be called mirroring remotely using a Windows PC with chrome remote desktop / chrome remote
  • - Transfer Files from Windows to Chromebook remotely with chrome remote desktop / chrome remote
  • - Transfer Files from Chromebook to Windows remotely with chrome remote desktop / chrome remote
  • - Here you can also practice it on your smart phone/Android smartphone to access it from a PC or Chromebook.. the method is the same... because what I practice here is only the access and support section, while for SSH it's not.
  • - A safe way to use this method, especially for those of you who have a chromebook for privacy.

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