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How to Using Flatpak in-depth tutorial and Builtin Commands on Linux Chromebook

Flatpak is one choice for installing apps on your Chromebook. There are SO MANY APPS HERE THAT YOU CAN USE TO search FOR AppImage version.. but, if you have large storage, flatpak it's best for you.

30+ Tutorials on Using Flatpak to Install Various Linux Apps/Software on Chromebooks

install Genius, Firefox, Gimp, Spotify, Flowblade, Avidemux

All forms of updates regarding the discussion, I put it here..




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Timestamp Flatpak Tutorial

  • Flatpak Software Distribution Package discussion starts at 00:00
  • What is Flatpak on Linux 00:07
  • Flatpak distribution system 00:28
  • How to Setup Flatpak 00:48
  • Install Flatpak 01:30
  • Required Storage Memory for Flatpak Environment Setup 01:35
  • Add repository flathub 01:52
  • How to Find Linux Software Installers from Flatpak Distribution Platforms 03:02
  • How to Install Genius from Flathub 03:25
  • Flatpak Strengths and Weaknesses 05:35
  • How to Run Genius App installed from flathub flatpak 07:22
  • How to Install Firefox 08:53
  • Running Firefox installed from flatpak flathub 11:20
  • Wow! Software or applications in the Flatpak environment cannot be uninstalled directly by right-clicking the icon 13:29
  • How to see a list / list of applications / software that has been installed in the flatpak environment 13:57
  • How to Uninstall Applications/Software from flatpak environment via linux terminal without deleting software data 14:15
  • How to View Software Data in Flatpak Area from Linux NEMO File Manager 15:07
  • How to view software data size properties in the NEMO 16:15 linux file manager
  • How to Delete software data from MANAGER LINUX 16:35 . file
  • How to uninstall and delete software data from terminal 16:55
  • How to View Runtime List (Program running) 19:12
  • How to Remove Unneeded/Rarely Used Programs in Flatpak 19:50
  • How to Uninstall all software that we don't use anymore, including the data in flatpak, so that storage is relieved again 20:30
  • How to Repair Flatpak 21:23
  • How to Install Spotify from Flathub 22:08
  • What is Proprietary Software 23:17
  • Running Spotify installed from flatpak flathub on Linux Chromebook 25:04
  • How to Install GIMP 25:33
  • How to Run GIMP installed from flatpak flathub 27:38
  • How to Install Avidemux from flathub 31:23
  • How to Run Avidemux Video Editor installed from flathub flatpak 33:13
  • How to Install Flowblade from flathub 36:33
  • How to run Flowblade Video Editor installed from flathub flatpak 37:31
  • How to Uninstall Gimp Software Installed from Flatpak 42:05
  • How to Uninstall and Clean Data Software that is Installed on the Flatpak distribution platform from the terminal and see its removal also in the Linux File Manager 43:23
  • Conclusion and Closing 45:30

Okay, friend, here we have learned some important things about flatpak, such as

Setup, Install, Uninstall One By One..

  1. How to do a Flatpak Repair
  2. How to see what applications/software have been installed from the Flatpak distribution platform from the terminal
  3. How to View Data Software that has been installed from the flatpak distribution platform from the Linux File Manager
  4. How to Remove and Uninstall Software as well as Data Files
  5. How to Remove All Software and Data at once that has been installed from the Flatpak Linux universal distribution platform

Ok.. clearer ya.. :)

*Here, you can dive deeper and deeper in flatpak, just try the cool applications on flatpak..

Of course it affects your storage, because this is installed on internal storage..

only this flatpak contains applications that have been optimized for linux bro.. so for the application database on flathub, you can use it to learn some application applications, try installing it... , because we can easily uninstall it :)

If it's suitable, you can use it to find the version of the appimage... if it's there, you can move it..

So you can uninstall the ones on the internal storage... hehe.

I hope this discussion is useful, friend, you can save the video on your YouTube, so that if you need it, it can be done quickly.

Also, this timestamp has not been made, so if by chance you or I forget, you can open it again and go straight to the material.. :)


Flatpak Builtin Commands

 Manage installed applications and runtimes

  •   install                Install an application or runtime
  •   update                 Update an installed application or runtime
  •   uninstall              Uninstall an installed application or runtime
  •   mask                   Mask out updates and automatic installation
  •   pin                    Pin a runtime to prevent automatic removal
  •   list                   List installed apps and/or runtimes
  •   info                   Show info for installed app or runtime
  •   history                Show history
  •   config                 Configure flatpak
  •   repair                 Repair flatpak installation
  •   create-usb             Put applications or runtimes onto removable media

How to use it?

flatpak list --app

 Finding applications and runtimes

  search                 Search for remote apps/runtimes

 Running applications

  •   run                    Run an application
  •   override               Override permissions for an application
  •   make-current           Specify default version to run
  •   enter                  Enter the namespace of a running application
  •   ps                     Enumerate running applications
  •   kill                   Stop a running application

 Manage file access

  •   documents              List exported files
  •   document-export        Grant an application access to a specific file
  •   document-unexport      Revoke access to a specific file
  •   document-info          Show information about a specific file

 Manage dynamic permissions

  •   permissions            List permissions
  •   permission-remove      Remove item from permission store
  •   permission-set         Set permissions
  •   permission-show        Show app permissions
  •   permission-reset       Reset app permissions

 Manage remote repositories

  •   remotes                List all configured remotes
  •   remote-add             Add a new remote repository (by URL)
  •   remote-modify          Modify properties of a configured remote
  •   remote-delete          Delete a configured remote
  •   remote-ls              List contents of a configured remote
  •   remote-info            Show information about a remote app or runtime

 Build applications

  •   build-init             Initialize a directory for building
  •   build                  Run a build command inside the build dir
  •   build-finish           Finish a build dir for export
  •   build-export           Export a build dir to a repository
  •   build-bundle           Create a bundle file from a ref in a local repository
  •   build-import-bundle    Import a bundle file
  •   build-sign             Sign an application or runtime
  •   build-update-repo      Update the summary file in a repository
  •   build-commit-from      Create new commit based on existing ref
  •   repo                   Show information about a repo

Help Options:

  -h, --help              Show help options

Application Options:

  --version               Print version information and exit

  --default-arch          Print default arch and exit

  --supported-arches      Print supported arches and exit

  --gl-drivers            Print active gl drivers and exit

  --installations         Print paths for system installations and exit

  --print-updated-env     Print the updated environment needed to run flatpaks

  --print-system-only     Only include the system installation with --print-updated-env

  -v, --verbose           Show debug information, -vv for more detail

  --ostree-verbose        Show OSTree debug information

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