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How to solve missing Delete and Capslock keys on Chromebook Laptop Keyboard

MyshortTips Chromebook Tutorial - I bought a Chromebook a few days ago and here I found some of the keys that would normally be on the keyboard, they're not there bro...



delete dan capslock chromebook



No Delete Key and Caps Lock on Chromebook Keyboard

Examples are the capslock button and the delete button, as I highlighted in the title of this article.

Those two buttons don't exist on the samsung chromebook 4 ! maybe this can be happen on another google chromebook.....


Then how do we do capslock and delete (deletion)?

The Importance of the Capslock Key

we know how important the capslock key is for writers, to convert capital letters to lowercase and vice versa.

The Importance of the Delete Key

while the delete key is also important, not only to delete numbers and letters (although this can use backspace) but you use the delete/del key to quickly delete folders and files... ne? 


while for backspace, you can't delete files or folders, you can only delete characters when you write, and even then if you don't block characters, backspace is only able to delete characters one by one backwards. If it's blocked, the backspace function is for writing letters and numbers, 


yes.... the same as the delete button, the only difference is that backspace only reverses time... that's why it's called backspace... hehe, it can't be used to delete folders or files.

Other buttons that also don't exist, but are common on laptops

Apart from these two buttons, you actually can't find the INSERT, HOME, END, PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN buttons.

But it's natural on a laptop... the insert, home, end, page up, page down buttons don't exist, but the two capslock and delete buttons change...

Capslock and Delete Shortcuts on Chromebooks

but with the disappearance of the two buttons, we don't mean losing the capslock and delete functions on the chromebook but, here we are given another shortcut model for the Delete and capslock functions.

SEARCH + ALT = shortcut used to replace the Capslock Key

ALT + BACKSPACE = this shortcut is used to replace the delete button which has changed to the power button on Chromebooks, the delete button is also commonly used to delete characters after the cursor, so it's the opposite of backspace which deletes characters before the cursor.

CTRL + BACKSPACE = if you press backspace only to delete one character before the cursor, then by adding ctrl, then you can immediately delete the word, and this saves you a lot of time than you have to block words first, for example, make a writing error.

SHIFT + ALT + BACKSPACE = This shortcut is very useful for removing autofill data that usually records your previous answers, or autofill answers in online forms.

ALT + UP (UP ARROW) = this is a shortcut to replace the page up button, so it is intended to move the cursor or go to the top of the page.

ALT + DOWN (DOWN ARROW) = this is a shortcut to replace page down, so it is intended to move the cursor or go to the bottom of the page

SEARCH BUTTON + LEFT = this is used instead of the home button

SEARCH BUTTON + RIGHT = this is used instead of the end . button

Wow, delete and capslock are 2 combinations, so it's more complicated?


Yup! especially when you need to type fast, of course this will hinder ..



Alternative Way to get Capslock Key back


Indeed, for Capslock or Caps Lock, which stands for capitals lock, which is a key on the keyboard that has a function to change all typed letters to uppercase when activated.

This button is usually located near the letter A on the left, above Shift and below Tab, but on this Chromebook the button that is supposed to be for capslock has changed to the Search button with a magnifying glass symbol, like the search icon in general.

Then, what is the alternative way to get the Capslock key back like a laptop in general? 

The method :

  1. You go to the "Settings" section
  2. In the Search Navigation section, you can type Keyboard or you can go directly to the Device tab > Keyboard
  3. Please change the Search section to Capslock.
  4. After that, the search button will change its function to Capslock, meaning you can use Capslock as usual

It's just that you lose the Search button, and various Shortcuts that use the Search button will not work, because the Search button is now changed to Capslock.

After you finish typing, you can change the Search button again to Search.

This article based on my best chromebook that i have...... if you want to see this article on indonesian language, you can visit our main blog here





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