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Make Money by Selling Content on Shutterstock (How Register to be Contributor)

Shutterstock Inc. the official domain address is, is a site on the Internet that has a focus on providing stock images, photos, vectors, videos, and music that can be used for various purposes. others or combine them into a new work.


logo shutterstock
Logo Shutterstock


You could say, a provider of digital basic materials.

Shutterstock was founded by Jon Oringer in 2003 in New York City, New York, United States.

Based on the information I have obtained, Microstock is headquartered where it was founded, namely New York City, New York, America.

The Digital Stock provider has lots of cool and professional and quality resources, you too can become a contributor / supplier of these digital resources.

It's easy, selling content like that, so... if there is a registered member on Shutterstock who acts as a buyer / buyer to download your content, then you get a commission for it.

Here, I also have a booth there, a content booth :) although there is not much content, because the selection process is quite strict regarding quality, but the most important thing is, how much of your content is ogled, because passing the selection doesn't necessarily generate coffers dollars from here.

In the end, it all depends on the quality of our content

Currently, based on the information I got from about us on its website, Shutterstock has managed to have more than 1 billion stock images, video clips, and music tracks that have been downloaded.

Shutterstock also already has more than 1 million contributors / people who contribute in forming a collection of ready-to-download content, besides that, there are 300 million more images with an estimated 200,000 images added per day, as well as subscribers from more than 150 countries and the site has 21 languages.

If you look at the journey since 2003, it has been quite long, counting 18 years. 

How to Register Shutterstock for Selling Content?


The method is very easy... , and for now, signing up for Shutterstock no longer needs to use a passport. The process is easier and simpler, please register directly at

If you like, please click on my referral link above, so when you register via the link above, it means you become my referral, if you don't want to... you can directly visit... :)


Here's how to list the Latest Shutterstock Contributors 2021:

  1. After visiting the site above, please fill out the form below  Shutterstock Contributor,

    formulir pendaftaran shutterstock 2021
    Formulir Shutterstock

    Fill in the form like this, after that... please click  "Next"

  2. After that a page will appear informing you, for Email verification.

    verifikasi Email

    You can directly visit the email registered in the registration form filling process earlier.

    email verifikasi

    Immediately, my friend, click on the verification link that I circled above. If your verification is successful, there will be a notification like this..

    After that click next, you will be directed to the Sign In page or Login to your Shutterstock Account Dashboard.

    If that fails, try checking your internet connection!

  3. Please enter your Email and Password that you registered in the registration form earlier.

    Form Login

  4. After that, you will be faced with a Residential and Mailing Address form.

    alamat rumah dan alamat surat

    Tips : Just check it if the mailing address is the same as your home address

    If so, you can click  "next"

  5. After that, if your data is successfully saved, a selection page will appear, you can directly upload photos, images or vectors (if you are ready with your file) if not, please click on  "Go to Dashboard" or go to your  shutterstock contributor dashboard page.

    upload atau dashboard

    If you choose upload, it will be directed to the Upload page like this..


    If you choose to go to  dashboard, then you will be directed to  Dashboard Page like this..

    halaman dashboard

  6. Finished. You have taken one step to become a Shutterstock Contributor, which means you can sell. After you have successfully uploaded an Image / Video / Illustrator / Vector / Video, according to your abilities and accepted, then you can be considered a Shutterstock Contributor :), if you haven't uploaded it yet, it means you are still an "Account Maker" hehe..

I suggest you have decided where to focus on where you want to contribute, for example Photos / Pictures / Videos / Music


Why? so that you can become a professional easily, because what you sell there is consistent and of course you will find it easier to master "Quality" because of that consistency.


Lapak Shutterstock R4CPROJECT



Is Selling Content on Shutterstock free?


Yes, so far it's free. Isn't it good? so you just need to prepare the work and you can get money if your work / content sells...

Can Shutterstock create multiple accounts?

Yup! I have 2 accounts, each with a different designation, but please note, I use a different email.

Why create multiple accounts, to be more focused, first account for photos/videos, second account for illustrations/vectors



Does Shutterstock offer a Referral system?


Yup! That's above the proof, I advise you to become a contributor through  link mine, or referral link, meaning that I referred you to join as a Shutterstock contributor.

Fortunately? when you register using the link I provided, then I will get a splash of profit when you succeed

Referring a Contributor to Shutterstock
Whether you bring a photographer, videographer, or illustrator to Shutterstock, when they sign up using your referral link, you earn money.

Referring Image Contributors: For the first two years after an image contributor you referred is approved, you earn $0.04 each time one of their images* is downloaded.
Referring Footage Contributors: For the first year after a footage contributor you referred is approved, you will earn 10% of the sale price actually received by Shutterstock each time one of their clips* is downloaded.  -

Referring Footage Contributors: For the first year after a footage contributor you referred is approved, you will earn 10% of the sale price actually received by Shutterstock each time one of their clips* is downloaded.

Does that mean reducing Contributor's income? you register using the Referral Link or not, it will be the same, aka.. you are not harmed / reduced income...

So when you use my referral link, let's be honest... I'm very happy.. and thank you for giving me fortune.

Is there anything other than that?

Not only referrals to contributors, but also to potential buyers.. :)

Share your work with buyers
Earn 20% up to $200.00 of a customer's first payment when they use your link to sign up

There is a limit, a maximum of $ 200.00 :)

Bro, but now there are a lot of competitors in ShutterStock, right?

Yes, if you look at it like that, every day, sir / madam, the competition is getting tougher, we have to form our portfolio from now on, don't delay it any longer.. "I said to myself"

There is a piece of advice that rings in my mind, "Everyone has their own fortune.." so you don't have to worry about competition, the important thing is, we try honestly, and straight, God willing, if we try well, we will get good and good results. blessing...

What Causes Shutterstock Account to be Disabled?


For friends who have registered or have just registered, please add to your portfolio and complete your profile, why? because it can be considered an inactive account, and the possibility is to anticipate spam accounts. But I did not get an official and definite statement regarding this.

Here I suggest to you who have successfully registered with my referral link, or not.. :) to complete your profile and add to your portfolio, so that your account does not get a disabled exam.. :) It's a hassle to register again using a new email, especially if our names and addresses are banned.. ouch..

Next, be careful with plagiarism, try to make original works...

To better understand shutterstock rules and policies, please read this ... TOS

Okay that's it, I hope you have good luck on Shutterstock

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