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How to Find Popular Color Palettes for Designer


Color is an important component in graphic design, choosing the right color composition has proven to increase sales, Not only in print, various creative aspects involve color to trigger the attraction of a creative design, be it Video, Image, Presentation and even Web Design though.


Color can affect People Psychologically, In the world of design this is one trick to increase sales, but to find the right composition sometimes takes hours - R4CProject

Color trends for 2021 are rising in a drastic response to many of last year's trends. In 2021, the color trends you'll see are mostly calming and soothing.


I don't know, what are the effects of this long pandemic, so that people need a thing called calm? I don't know... but this year's trend is dominated by soothing soft natural colors.


The choice of color is also important, don't let this make the text or main content even blurry or unclear, or lose to the dominance of the surrounding color.

In essence, Color plays an important role in the world we live in. Colors can influence thoughts, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, increase your blood pressure or suppress your appetite. When used in the right way, color can even save energy consumption.

As a powerful form of communication, color is irreplaceable. Red means "stop" and green means "go." yup! Traffic lights send this universal message. Likewise, colors used for products, websites, business cards, or logos cause strong reactions. So, Color is Important!

In the world of logos, creating logos and brands with the strongest colors, can convey messages instantly and effectively, increase sales, and increase our brand recognition. It's quick and easy in my opinion bro...


But of course finding the right composition is not easy, but sometimes we seem to be given the convenience of several choices based on the experiences of other designers around the world who share COLOR PALETTE :)


So... it's like a shortcut to speed up the mastery of coloring...


Even though we need to find our style, the name of the style can't be instant..


Need process bro..

Just go ahead, bro, here I will share with my friends... all of you... hihi, where I usually look for references in coloring, or get a direct color palette cheat, so it can be used... :)

1. Pinterest Color Trend

It's undeniable, if Pinterest is a storehouse of creativity, one of them.. you can find Color Trend here, so people out there (maybe many Indonesians disguise themselves as foreigners) wkwkkw, just by changing the name from Julianto to Stephen,  just like a foreigner.. :)

You can visit on Color Spotter Pinterest reference here

referensi color designer

There's a lot of design inspiration there... ehehe, I don't know who the pinterest color spotter account owner is, he curates various design references, including the main concern according to this article, namely coloring..



2. Shutterstock Color Trend


Yep! this is a place for various kinds of digital stock, there are vectors, images, videos and many others related to the creative world.. "digital"

Shutterstock itself turns out to be observing trends that occur in their stalls... hehe, including what colors are popular... We know that Shutterstock is one of the many existing Microstocks, as I once summarized a collection of microstocks for selling digital stock. Here in my Indonesian Language Blog



ss color trend




For Color Trends on Shutterstock, you can see  here


Shutterstock also recaps some of the dominant or popular colors by country...















Russian Federation

South Africa






United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States

3. ColorHunt

The address is, this can be used as a place to find inspiration from popular color recaps available...

tempat mencari warna populer

Please go directly to the link

Go straight to Popular Colors.. :) , there, you can directly save the color palette image that you think, you like it..


Color Hunt is one of my mainstays for looking for color references... The good thing is, in Colorhunt, apart from being able to copy the Color Code directly (Suitable for Designer Blogs, Web Designers) we can save the colors we like in the form of images... so it will be good for adobe illustrator, photoshop or other software... just use pick color.. ok.. :)

warna simpan colorhunt

4. Coolors

The address is , it's also very simple to get a reference, in fact I think it's really updated, pallet storage is easy...

Here you can also generate colors... from photos... this is what I like from this Coolors site... :)

creating color using image

so it's delicious.. there can be a lot of features that are presented.. :)


To visit, please go directly to..

5. FlatUI Color

The site is, there are several color palettes that have been categorized by country..

If you like flat design... here's the color reference for flat design... as the name suggests... :)



You can go directly to Flatuicolor

Those are some of my references in finding the right color... :) delicious and direct test bag... :)

I hope this is useful for you.



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