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How to deal with anxiety in my Note

Hello everyone. It should be noted that this is from a Muslim point of view, because I am a Muslim

Most likely, humans can't escape what is called heart anxiety... so all of that goes up and down, it's just that the level of each person is different, some have managed to handle it, at least to reduce the restlessness of the heart.

In my favorite song I've ever heard, from OPICK, which is one of the Muslim musicians with his own religious song, to be precise, the title of the song "Tombo Ati" has several important points.

Tombo ati iku limo perkarane

Kaping pisan, moco Qur'an lan maknane

Kaping pindo, sholat wengi lakonono

Kaping telu, wong kang sholeh kumpulono

Kaping papat, kudu weteng ingkang luwe

Kaping limo, dzikir wengi ingkang suwe

Salah sawijine sopo biso ngelakoni

Mugi-mugi Gusti Allah nyembadani.

In the last stanza, it is stated that if only one of us can really do it, then

May Allah give us peace of mind (satisfy our request to treat a restless heart)- 

Untuk bahasa indonesianya..

Obat hati ada lima perkaranya

Yang pertama, baca Qur'an dan maknanya

Yang kedua, sholat malam dirikanlah

Yang ketiga, berkumpullah dengan orang sholeh

Yang keempat, perbanyaklah berpuasa

Yang kelima, dzikir malam perpanjanglah

Salah satunya siapa bisa menjalani

Moga-moga Gusti Allah mencukupi

I try to translate it for give insight here.

There are five things for heart medicine

First, read the Qur'an and its meaning

Second, pray at night, build up

Third, gather with pious people

Fourth, increase fasting

The fifth, extend the night dhikr

One of them who can live

May God suffice 

Maybe there is wrong in my translation.. I'm sorry..

On the first point alone, when we try to read the Qur'an and its meaning, we will get a very valuable life lesson...


I'm also learning how to control anxiety...

Hopefully the tips above from Opick, which are my notes, can be tips for all of you too...

Furthermore, from personal experience, sometimes, the main cause of anxiety is because there is something that actually deviates from one's conscience, for example doing bad deeds such as gossiping about people, uh... suddenly feeling bad, or lying... it's also the same ...

there are priority things that we miss, can also cause anxiety.. if that's the case, we need peace of mind.. to be able to solve things that make our hearts restless.

Some of the efforts above are ways to achieve that, to achieve a calm, so that we can face problems that make the heart restless calmly and coolly. 



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