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How to connect OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Monitor to Projector

OBS or commonly known as Open Broadcaster Software is software which is free open source software for reliable streaming or broadcasting.

But even so, we cannot underestimate this open broadcasting software, because its features can even be considered premium features and continue to grow over time.

I myself have seen the development of OBS so far so great, for updates it is also frequent so that the reliability of this software continues to increase.

You can see a full description of OBS on the RahmanCyber.Net main site

Here we are more technical to answer the question "How to Connect an OBS Monitor Program to a Projector" when we want to display it to events.

Actually the method is very easy because we only need to set the preview so that it will later be mirrored to the projector. The first method is 1 You have to understand the basics of OBS first, how to create a scene, how to add sources, how to setup recording, what is display studio and view obs basic.

If you already understand, here I assume you can already run for streaming.

Like this. 

obs studio mode

If so, the next step is that you have to connect the projector to the laptop, the way is that we have to look at the available ports on the projector first.

So that we can adjust the cable that we will use, for example on your projector it already uses HDMI, then you will only connect using an HDMI cable and you also need to pay attention that you also have to look at the available ports on the laptop,

but on average for the latest laptops, usually it already supports an HDMI port.

But for old laptops, they still use VGA, so you need to use a VGA to HDMI converter if the projector only supports HDMI.

But when the projector supports HDMI VGA then you don't need to use a converter, just adjust the news, for example VGA to VGA HDMI.

VGA Port Example 

port vga proyektor

If your projector only has that port, then to connect to a laptop with an hdmi port, you need an HDMI to VGA converter, you can get it in the marketplace.

For this example, we assume, the projector has an hdmi port, and the laptop also has an hdmi port, so we only need an HDMI cable.

This is what an HDMI cable looks like. 

kaabel HDMI

That's an example of an HDMI cable connected to a projector.

Then we connect the hdmi cable to the laptop. 

KABEL HDMI ke Laptop

Now the two devices are connected, friend...

Now we are back to the OBS screen buddy.

Please right-click your mouse, friend, to display the OUTPUT options.

Remember, you have to right-click on Program Monitor for the output options to appear.

The picture is like this, bro.. I'll show you all so that it's easier for you to understand. 

set tampilan OBS ke Proyektor

Later, you select the source based on the brand or name of your projector device.

For example here, I'm using an Infocus 226D projector with a resolution of 1024x768 @1920.

After you click the projector option, the program section will be displayed on the projector. 

tampilan monitor program obs ke proyektor

Sorry for the blurry picture of my display, because of the privacy of the event.

The OBS tutorial is finished this time, for more details, you can go to our main site.

After that, you can also record, just press Start Recording.

Until it changes to Stop Recording, the recording process is in progress.

To stop OBS recording, you can press Stop Recording 

cara recording obs

Oh yes, in this tutorial I apply Studio Mode OBS.

To activate, you just need to press the Studio Mode button, just below Start Virtual Camera.

Hope this answer can be useful for you.

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