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How to make Simple Youtube Button Text on Your Blog that Support HTML

Hello bro, welcome back to MyShorTTips!  This is Youtube Tips.

Currently, YouTube activities can also be juxtaposed with blogs, it's up to you to start or where to start, you can start from blogging first or from youtube first.

Subscribe youtube channel

Blog and Youtube

What is clear is that the two are interrelated and mutually reinforcing.

But my Youtube embed in the Blog will be "LOW QUALITY CONTENT" you know... :) 

So, you must combine two of them with good collaboration...  :)

The Simplest Youtube Embed Button

Doing the Youtube Embed Button / you could say the Subscribe Button, you can actually make it from ordinary images or just using ..

<a href="">Subscribe</a>

Yup! by putting it in the sidebar or in a post.. actually you have succeeded in making a button to your channel..


Installing a youtube button using an image...

<a href=""><img src=""/></a>

just like that ... an image can also appear, when a visitor clicks on the image ... then go directly to your beloved youtube channel ...

Why do you need a Youtube button on your Blog?

1. elegant look

2. indicates you have youtube

3. Your content is more powerful

4. Your branding is stronger aka not fake

There is another way to make a youtube button...Directly from the Official Youtube, look back on our article..

Easy Tips! How to Create Youtube Subscribe Button on Your Blog - MyShortTips

There it is quite complete with the picture..

so you can better understand how to embed youtube buttons on your blog.

Ok... that's it, I hope I can answer your concerns.. :)


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