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Easy Tips! How to Create Youtube Subscribe Button on Your Blog

The content creator has so many choices now to distribute their original content. Blog and Youtube can make Content Creator Strong Authority.


Hi! MyShorTTips here! Now, we will talk about How to Embed Youtube Subscribe Button on Your Blog

I'm especially on Technology and Internet Tips, so maybe so many tips in MyshorTTips will be related to tech, web, internet, and anything about the computer! so Enjoy! don't forget to subscribe ya!

We can make Youtube and Blog connected, so We can drive traffic from Blog and Youtube.
But! this is not an automatic tool! NOT! these are tips on how to get the power of Blog and Youtube to Your Content! 


In my country, so many people doing that.

There is people come from blog first, also there is people come from youtube first. This is no problem!

So why we not combine

  • BLOG

for making so many engagements. Maybe from blog first, from social media first, or from youtube first.. think again, quiet and make a choice.

This lesson, I will tell you how to create youtube Subscriber Button on your blog, so Your visitor can subscribe your youtube channel, directly from your amazing Blog!

Step One!

Youtube Subscribe Button Widget MyShorttips

  • Goto this URL
  • Change Channel Name or ID be Your Name or ID Channel
  • Change Layout to Full if you want visitor see your profile picture
  • Change theme to default for white, and  Dark for Black
  • Change Subscriber Count to Default if you want any people know how many your subscriber count
  • or Hidden, if you shy.
  • Finnaly, Copy your code, ctrl+c

Ok man! you finish step one.


Go to Step Two!

Go to Your Blogger Dashboard





Go to Setting and Add Gadget

add html blogger

Add HTML/Javascript


Paste your Youtube Subscriber Button Widget here.

Click Save

Let's see your blog now..

Youtube Subscriber Button will appear if you doing right step.

Thanks for Reading until this section. 

Pandemic make a lot people at home and make Internet be a Friends! so, you need magical power to make your content spread and get view!

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