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How do you choose the right laptop?


Choosing a laptop is actually easy if you know what your needs are... What do you want to use a laptop for...

Cara memilih laptop quesearch

How much budget do you have to buy a laptop?

It\s very Easy..

Because actually the concept of electronic goods that I have observed there are some things that always stay... Likewise this portable PC / laptop... hehe

Namely... the higher the price of the laptop, the better the quality and performance of the laptop will be.

Straight comparison..

From many years I observed the Laptop market down to the price, Promotion, resulted in such a conclusion... :)

This is different, yes, the price you get from CREDIT... I really suggest... that, Buy a Laptop according to your BUDGET... if it's not enough... HOLD it for a while...

Because usually credit is much more expensive than you BUY IN CASH .. / directly .. without installments ... :)

Sorry, I'm talking about REALITY.. 

Loh bang, right in installments.. we can enjoy the goods first...? 

so it's YOUR CHOICE .. because you live it and I'm not responsible for YOUR choice! Everyone's needs are different and the budgeting settings are also different.. the principles are different too.. I don't know the budgeting settings are yours... so it's up to you... WKWKWKKW :)

Loh bro, that's goods credit... so it's okay..?

It's up to you anyway.. :) You are more entitled to your own life :) Just CALM with me.. sante sante... hehe

What is clear is that I have mentioned it above, so don't complain about it. 

How come person A got this price, I got that price :) 

Loh bro, how come the installment provider doesn't give the same price... just like cash...

THE LOGIC: Huh.. how come you're really good... :) How many months do you have to pay in installments... if you play it for selling, you already get more, don't you... :D

Eat it.. back to CHOICES..  it's your choice..

If you want to get the NORMAL price.. buy it in cash and in full..

if still not enough BUDGET... hold on...

Not only in terms of Look / Appearance / Appearance.. 

But also performance.

It is absolute..

But there are other factors too. 


Like "Time"


The logic..

Laptops at this price, we get so much quality...

while in the future.. with that price, we can get better quality...

But the downside is that we need to wait.

If you need it now..

Then "waiting is not for you.. :)

Some points to consider when choosing a laptop

1. What do you need the laptop for?

If it's just for typing... why buy an expensive one??? In my opinion, a budget laptop of 3 million is good... with a CELERON Processor.

It's different if it's for streaming needs, as in the example to provide  service in the form of live streaming video.

Of course you need a good laptop... so that it doesn't get hot and cold... , For example ROG Zephyrus

Especially if you are in the creative world, for example for video editing... of course the laptop budget specs above 10 million are the right choice for you.

2. What budget do you have?

I've explained this above.. if you read it.. you'll understand.. God willing :)

3. What Processor Do You Like?

In Indonesia, we usually find laptops, if not Intel, then AMD

it's a big processor in the Indonesian market...

Hey Qualcomm? that's the Mobile Processor market bro...

Which one is good? AMD or INTEL?

Everything is Good.. Yup! it's taste..

For various reviews that have been widely spread on the Internet... you can read them one by one 



4. Processor price?

If you want to build a PC, talking about the price of the processor is relevant.. but if you buy a laptop, it's all assembled, bro.. :) , So you just FOCUS on the LAPTOP PRICE..

okay :)

5. Read the Similar Laptop Reviews first

I usually apply this when I want to buy a LAPTOP or other Electronic Device.. Usually I will look for REVIEW, maybe it can also go to UNBOXING.. because I need to know first..

This also applies mmm for preparation when you want to buy OFFLINE at a COMPUTER STORE in the area, for example.. so first look at the review of the use of a LAPTOP with a SAME BRAND..

How is the performance, benchmarks, durability (because sometimes there are reviews like this, after a while using the laptop) it's really useful..

Where to find it? many sources.. you can do it on GOOGLE, usually computer websites talk about this.. 

Just type it in GOOGLE SEARCH  "Review [Merek dan Tipe Laptop]"

Later there will be a discussion about it, if you need Indonesian, just add it  "Review [Laptop Brand and Type ] English Language"

What about UNBOXING?

Yes, usually related to REVIEW, sometimes a package.. UNBOXING LAPTOP as well as REVIEW Laptop Model.

Just type it in GOOGLE SEARCH "Unboxing [Laptop Brand and Type ]"

If you need additional Indonesian language.. hehe because sometimes posts come out abroad..

"Unboxing [Laptop Brand and Type ] Indonesian Language"

Remember.. GOOGLE SEARCH is not a CONTENT Provider... he is like a Listing.. helping you, sorting millions, trillions of content in the world! in seconds... wow! So the Content Provider is the Website Website that created the article.. it could be the RahmanCyber.NET Website :)

I prefer natural UNBOXING, rather than Advertising Model.. :) so we can see the actual product.. not made for us to buy... 

As for the reviews, I like the details... like the JAGAD REVIEW this time :)

6. Check out the shop, please..

This is what I usually am a bit careful when buying ONLINE.. :) I have to make sure the STORE is safe, with KEPO here and there.. :)

If it's OFFLINE, it's even better, because we see it directly..

Yes, all of them have advantages and disadvantages.

Guess that's what we are...

The answer..

Our article on Indonesian language here

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