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Recipes and How to Make Easy Nuggets!

This Article from Resep Menarique, show you about Nuggets Recipe and Tips How to Make Nuggets very Easy and Ready to consume. It's very Easy bro... if you want to see original article, you can visit to link in the end of this "Food Recipe" article | Indonesian Food :)

Author : Resep Menarique |


Assalamualaikum, Moms...



I want to tell you about a recipe that I have made. And it lasts for days, even months.


What do you think?



Recipes and how to make easy nuggets, not complicated!
Recipes and how to make easy nuggets food | ResepMenarique



So here it is, a simple, durable side dish that children like a lot, namely nuggets!


Buying ready-to-eat food is indeed very easy and not complicated, eitsss but make no mistake during this pandemic, we must really take care and sort out the food that we will consume. Moreover, we don't know what the ingredients are, how to process it, and what kind of effect the food we serve has.

It's okay to eat fast food, but don't eat it too often, bro. Better to do it yourself. hehe

Hmmm, to be safer and know what the ingredients are, let's make our own, which is certainly more economical, healthier, and easier to process.

Make Nuggets without the hassle



  • 1/2 kg boneless chicken meat cut into medium
  • Carrots to taste
  • Chicken Eggs
  • 7 tbsp Tapioca Flour
  • Panir Flour / Bread Flour
  • Chicken Flour



  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 tsp pepper powder
  • 5 tsp fine salt
  • Flavoring

Cooking Steps :

  1. Grate enough carrots using a cheese grater

  2. Puree/blend chicken with 3 cloves of garlic, 1 tsp ground pepper, 5 tsp fine salt

  3. Prepare a container for pouring the mashed chicken. Then put the meat into a container along with 7 tablespoons of tapioca flour, 1 chicken egg, seasoning to taste and also carrots that have been grated cheese. Mix well

  4. Steam it on a baking sheet or one that is usually used for steaming and baking bread. However, before pouring the nugget dough into the container, it must first be smeared with enough cooking oil so that it does not stick.

  5. Steam for about 30 minutes

  6. After steaming, remove and cool.

  7. If it is cold, please cut it according to taste; square, rectangle, triangle, love, and can also use prints. Cut approximately 1/2 or 1 cm thick.

  8. Make the dough for the nuggets by using enough chicken flour, if the portion of the nuggets is large, you can also mix it with flour. After that, also mix 1 egg and seasoning to taste. Mix well

  9. Prepare a container/plate for breadcrumbs

  10. Enter the nuggets into the flour mixture, remove and immediately place in the breadcrumbs. Coat the breadcrumbs by pressing, so that they stick to the nuggets.

  11. If you want it thick, you can put it in the floured dough again, then put it in the breadcrumbs again and press it down so it sticks. Apply to all nuggets.

  12. If all the nuggets have been coated with flour mixture and breadcrumbs, please fry them on medium heat. Just remember, if you want to put the nuggets in the refrigerator or store them, just fry them half-cooked.

  13. just a few seconds and then let it cool, when it's cold put it in plastic and then close it tightly in the container/tupper ware. But if you want to eat it directly, you can fry it until it's orange in color. Yeah, about 2 minutes. Then drain. But remember not to burn it.

Well, the nuggets are ready to be served. It's easy, right? Save and can be a lot too.



Please try yaa..😋


Kuyyyy try it.😋😋😊

good luck..🤗

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Resep dan Cara bikin Nugget Mudah gak Ribet!

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