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How to Check Blogger Website Quality with Free Tools!

The world of blogger is very dynamic, eh wrong ... I mean the world of the internet .. because there are many things that can be gathered from various kinds of thoughts that are scattered in the internet universe.


If you are, uh you are, uh you are a blogger or article publisher on any platform, you can use kompasiana, wordpress, tumblr, medium ... or build a self-hosting website or a website with your own web hosting using a CMS such as a website, drupal, moodle, joomla. . or build a website with a framework such as laravel, codeigniter, yii, cake php, or other frameworks .. or even purely for your own ..


Of course, for its operation, you will ask, how high is the quality of the website that we are developing compared to other competitors.

Is the content that we have written all this time getting good distribution, or is it actually lacking enthusiasts .. why? what is the cause ..? Can not be denied .. the purpose of people to create a website so that their writing can be read by many people, right? some others may be the main traffic, for example on websites displaying Google Adsense ads, Propeller.

Imagine if our website traffic is stuck! What is wrong..?



For website administrators who rely on free tools like me to reduce monthly costs / expenses, considering that we also have annual bills for those who buy cheap domains or expensive high-end domains.


Maybe from you (gayane ... mention you ... but so that it looks professional ... ahaha) someone is already using SELF HOSTING, hato hosting yourself, there must be a monthly bill like that ... in addition to domain coverage ...

But indeed if you want to be more developed, you need a tool that can support that, but not a tool that copies other people's content ... but a tool to increase the visibility of content, for example keyword research, and checking for broken links, seeing DA, PA, or collections. Backlinks .. 


This can easily be done using the Premium Tools for SEO.

Why don't you use Premium Tool? I'm learning something ... |  RahmanCyber NET

Then how do you check the quality of your website for free?


Yuhuuu! this is the result of my research!




Check the Quality of Website Speed



1. Google Pagespeed Insight


google pagespeed


This is a tool to check the performance of our website or blog, but .. hey!

wait a minute! This does not mean that we make this the main reference, it means that it must really match or can score 100%, there are indeed several ways to get a 100% score, but I think some of these methods are just cheating, yes, not 100%.

because in fact it also makes the appearance of the website to the user more efficient ... but still if the count is the whole page ... then it's a kind of trick to beat the google page speed algorithm calculation.


Some of them are


- Lazy Load Image, this is widely used by web developers, including on this web, even though the impression is deceiving ... because in fact when we read the whole page, the data costs used will be the same. But this can save data costs if the user does not scroll to the bottom of the page.

Even in Google Pagespeed it also recommends the use of this which is usually recommended to defer / delay ... 

"Even though the habit of procrastinating is not good, you know ..." ehehe


But sometimes it can also cause new problems .. hehe, where the image may not be contained in a certain section.

- Lazy Load Adsense, this is also the same .. Lazy is a problem, so it's the same, delaying ... even so, it is also recommended to make the adsense load less affecting the blog content. 


- Minifier, yes ... if this is not fooling my friends, the concept of this code minifier is to minimize the number of code characters, because in fact spaces are also counted as characters when rendering the script. Whether it's CSS there is also a CSS Minifier, Javascript, there is also a Javascript Minifier.

Usually comments in the code are also deleted or deleted, so it is like a complex collection of code if you want to edit.

Solution? Yes, make a backup of the template dude .. so if you edit, yes in the backup template .. try to have each version of our updatetan have a master, so that if there is an error, it can be immediately restored to normal.

But does that sound complicated? yes indeed ... usually if you want to edit, go straight to edit the html right ... hehe, but actually if you are used to editing editing ... that is not a problem ... because the minifier only removes spaces, comments and does not change to a new code .. like "ENCRIPT"

For Google Pagespeed Insight, you can visit

2. GT Metrik




This function is the same, to measure the speed of the Website. The explanation may also be the same yuaaa ... so there's no need to explain anymore ... you can visit

3. Web Dev




Well, this is also the same for my friends ... for the website test, it's more about user experience, aka UX, because speed is also included in UX, you usually access it at

Those are some free tools that can be used to check the quality of a website in the "Speed" category.

Let's continue to the next quality check ...

Check the Quality of Website SEO

Before I explain the tools, first I will tell you what is DA, PA, DR, UR. Because this will be relevant for the next discussion.


That was an explanation of DA, PA, DR, UR in the form of a video ...

DA PA Checker (Website SEO Checker)



Bulk Da Pa Check Gratis


This is a tool that I usually use to check DA / PA in bulk ... but for a maximum of 3 sites, this is intended to find out how strong my site's domain authority is, and how strong is my site's page authority.

Why is it necessary? because I use this to determine future steps, guess what I will do to improve it ..

besides that I can also use this for quality backlink research ..

Just go to ->



Moz is a source of DA and PA calculations, actually a paid service, it's like an SEO Tool whose purpose is to analyze the quality of our website's SEO, and some also measure the existing SPAM Score.

But indeed the pro tool is paid, while for the free version, we can check Backlinks, Spam Score, DA / PA, Inbound Links, Anchor Text, and several other functions.


Oh yeah, with this tool we can also see which Domain has a Spam Score linking to our website, so we can Disavow the link, so it doesn't affect our SS Web.

But indeed for the free version there are limits ... it can be accessed at


ahrefs backlink check


Ahrefs itself is the source of the DR and UR calculation metrics, just like MOZ ... so Ahrefs paid for the Pro version ... but we can take advantage of the free version of the service ...


ahref backlink



Usually I use it to find out the top backlinks of a website ...

Ahrefs Backlink Checker, used to check Root and Sub Domain backlinks

Ahrefs Website Authority Checker, is used to check the domain rating of a website

I usually use that tool, for the keyword tool, because it is limited, I usually use another tool to check for broken links.


Can be accessed at








Well, for this I usually check the rank position of our website for the free version (more traffic) and the top keywords in my domain.

I use Alexa Site Info to monitor the traffic rankings of my website and other websites, as well as check the most crowded keywords on my website.


In the past, we could plant a widget to rank our website in Alexa, but the widget has been discontinued.

Just go to Alexa Site Info

Check Broken Link (BrokenLinkCheck.COM)



brokenlink check


This is what I usually use to check broken links on my website for free, why do I use this tool? because it is very easy to use, and we can immediately show you the direction and purpose of the broken link page, so for bloggers who have thousands of articles, don't get methane one by one.

Just check



Google Webmaster Tool

google webmaster tool

Oops, I forgot, even though this is the Main and Free Tool from Google to monitor the Health of our website's Organic Traffic for free!

Just go to ->

Google Analytic

google analytic

Previously I have discussed at length about google analytics , how to install google analytics on blogger , Google analytics is very useful in monitoring the state of our website traffic in detail, even to the extent that the demographics of visitors are also tracked. 

Just go to ->


Okay bro, those are some of the free tools that I use to check the performance of our website.

Yes, even though it's free ... but it's very useful man ...


For those who want to listen to my explanation of this article further, please check on Youtube, yes, in the eps 11 video Blogger Session if I'm not mistaken. 





The tools above are important to give us the analysis we need to take our future steps into account ... but they are indeed additional tools.

Because the most important thing is ARTICLES, Niche Specific or General, Image SEO Optimization, because this is what can facilitate the distribution of our website.

Same point here I am also trying to build a good article ... so if you have additions, can add ... so that you can add new insights ...

Please for those who refer to articles whether you are big or medium or small web ... to include sources, because here I write and research takes a lot of time and experience ...

That's all, hopefully this is useful




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