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How to Overcome Rats Nesting in the Computer Room!

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What do you do if there is Rat in Your Computer Room a....???

But what if your room or house has a lot of rats that are rampant and annoying? Usually this can happen in a residential area where most of the houses are attached to a neighbor's house .. like what I am experiencing today. 

Maybe if the current model housing is different, or there is an intact partition from one house to another, so there are no gaps for rats to move places and toys to hide and hide.


Even though ... if you look at the photo, this animal is cute ... but the werok version ... hiiiiiiiiii


tikus merajalela




Actually this thing is kinda disgusting because it has to do with rat droppings ...

So the CPU Cassing that I bought was for assembling a Full Coller computer or a computer with lots of vents to get in and out of the air ... and the bottom part of the CPU had a big enough hole for air to enter the fan, now it turns out to be a gap for rats to enter

Beee ... I thought rats couldn't get in, but it turns out that I've cleaned rat droppings 2 times,

Well, first I cleaned and experimented to give coffee powder .. jal .. imagine coffee powder being put in the CPU .... !!! They say coffee doesn't like rats ...

Uh, it turns out that after a few days I saw a mouse walking back and forth on the previous road ... even though I was operating on a computer ... I was suspicious if I recur again ...

It turned out that after I decided to dismantle the computer .. Astaghfirullah .. in the CPU, the mouse droppings that were dry and still wet were clotted everywhere .. and some cables in the grog .. for me to check .. it could be the cause of a short circuit causing the CPU to die completely. .

Finally my brother and I cleaned the CPU ... along with the hard drive that was stained with mouse droppings ...


Cleaning Time


You have to be careful, because it's an electronic device ..

So I cleaned using Sunlight (One of the Dishwashing Liquids in Indonesia) which was mixed with water in a bowl ..

Previously we first removed the hard drive, cleaned it separately ..

After that we get rid of the dry dirt first.

After that, just steaming the wet dirt in the cassing with the tissue that was swallowed by the sunlight ... its function is besides scenting or neutralizing odors, it is also a germ killer ...

First, keep other devices that are dangerous if they come into contact with water .. such as motherboards, Power Supply is also safe ..

Just cleaned it ... after that, rinse it with plain water ... also use the rinse tissue ... because it's not possible to dip everything in water ...


After that, dry it ...

It's clean ... even though I don't know, there are still germs or not ...


I have a conclusion ... if it has become a habit for the rat to poop there ... and maybe it also invites his friend ... so it will be like that again ... so I also closed the entrance with a cork from cassing ... so there was nothing below it. another gap ...

And I also moved positions .. because I thought if it was a habit .. he would be confused if he changed it .. and look for another dump.


I should have patched some of the chipped wires with electrical tape, but because they didn't exist, I had to use black tape. It should be safe to use electrical tape, friends ...

I then looked for references on the internet how to deal with Rampant Rats?

It's hard to beat the mouse without trapping it ... but I don't really have the heart to do it ... if I use Elephant Adhesives, if the mouse's feet stick ... it will break if it's removed ... hihi ... poor ... really can't bear me ...

If I was poisoned, I didn't dare ... or if I wanted to use a mouse clip ... oh my, I just imagine it.

Then how about it .. arrrggghhh


Tips for Overcoming Mouse Disorders


Sometimes I think .. "why is there a lot of rats in my house, is there a fortune that is not lawful, but my feeling is already careful in terms of fortune .. inshaAllah .. trying to find a fortune that is lawful .. or what .."

Like it or not, we use anticipation or expulsion ... it seems more suitable.

1. Wear Cable Protector,

    Anticipate the cable so that it is not bitten or eaten by rats, by installing a spiral cable wrap or a power cable protector, usually when looking at an online store.

2. Tidy up the cable,

  Make it safe if you can put it, don't touch the floor, but even so the mouse can actually climb the wall without falling, I'm also confused because it weighs that much but can go up .. it means that you can easily climb the table ... the target is the cable that is scattered alone .. "oh my, life motivation"

3. Use Camphor (Mothballs)

  We can also use camphor which is crushed and placed in a place where rats are used to or around the cable area ... thank goodness we got a capurbarus with a mouse stamp ... hehe



4. Keep Cleanliness Is Necessary ..

  It turns out that it is also true that "Cleanliness is Part of Faith". Keep clean .. because mice like dirty places, it turns out, bro .. and if I thought it was rarely cleaned .. let alone the starting point. I live in a housing that is actually one and another's houses are joined and connected .. so maybe even though I have cleaned the house next door is dirty and becomes a rat nest, huh ... but I'm sure maybe it can reduce the intensity of the rats dropping by and landing in my room ... hee ..heehee ..




Now that's what I think makes sense from the references that are recommended so many on the internet ... heehe ..


We also learn about this ... so if you have any other suggestions, you can go to the comments .. ^ _ ^


Hope it is useful ..







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