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How to Make Responsive Tables on Blogger Quickly Without Knowing Coding

This is MyShorttips, Creating a responsive table is sometimes a very burdensome thing ... especially if you want to post a table on a blog or website ... we need to learn how to make table using html code, but... it's very burdensome thing.


because we have to memorize the code over and over again and arrange it .. 


actually we can use software .. for example using Adobe Dreamweaver where we make tables with a GUI display so it's easier, because the display is not just code .. 





but, this time I want to share a more powerful trick. .. namely making tables quickly .. without having to memorize code .. and this is perfect for those of you who are in the world of websites and bloggers .. hehe

how to quickly create HTML tables without having to first learn HTML syntax or code. Namely by using the Table Generator service which you can use online for free.

Let's see together how to quickly create a table using the Table Generator

1. Open the website address in a web browser.

2. You will immediately be directed to the HTML Table Generator page

3. By default you will get a table with sizes of 5 columns (A, B, C, D, E) and 4 rows (1, 2, 3, 4). Adjust the size of the table to be created with the data you have. If you find that the table size is insufficient, we can add a column or row to the Table> Set size menu on the top menu, then enter the desired columns and rows.

4. Fill in the data in the table that has been created.

There are two ways to input in this generator table:

  • Copy data from a spreadsheet application such as Excel, Google Docs, or LibreOffice Calc, then paste it in the table that has been created.
  • Write data directly in the table that has been created. There are several tools that can be used to customize tables, Align Left, Align Center, Align Right, Bold, Italic, Change Font Type, Text Size, Merge Cells, Split Cells, Text Color, and Model Table Theme.

but I suggest just copy and paste from the spreadsheet .. because it's much easier and faster.

5. When finished, click the Generate button at the bottom of the table.

6. A line of code appears in HTML format, Click Copy to Clipboard then attach it to your website or blog page. 

Not only for creating tables in HTML format, you know, this Table Generator can also be used to create tables in several models:

1. LaTeX Tables

For table creation in LaTeX type software. LaTeX is a software name commonly used by mathematicians, scientists, engineers, academics, and other professionals.

2. HTML Tables

Making tables to be applied to the HTML language, a type of website, blog and others.

3. Text Tables

Creating tables with data, row lines and columns, all in text.

4. Markdown Tables

Creation of tables for use on platforms that use the markdown markup language. An example of a website that uses markdown is github.

5. mediaWiki Tables

Making tables for use on websites based on a wiki as a platform, for example, such as

well, that's the trick to create html tables quickly ... and it's free. Hope it can help you ...

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