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How to add Youtube Channel RSS Feed on Blogger

How to Install Youtube Channel RSS Feed on Blogger - Have you ever imagined that YouTube can really collaborate with Blogger? And it is true that YouTube can collaborate with bloggers, for example, you create an article, and there you can insert your YouTube video in the article, provided that the video material must be related to the article so that it is related.


What exactly is the impact when YouTube collaborates with bloggers

For example from the YouTube side, the positive impact will get views from your blog, and vice versa, your articles will become more weighty and Stronger because there is video material in them; especially the video that you made yourself.

Now friends, you need to know that it turns out that on the YouTube channel itself it has an RSS feed; so that we can use it to be displayed on our blog, so that; besides search engines, it will make it easier for our blog visitors to find our other content '

where did I get the tutorial? Actually I got that information from Google's own page

above that is the hint, so YouTube has an RSS feed that we can use to display a list of content on our blog

And that's where I started experimenting to put it on blogger, well .... then what are the results? and you can see for yourself when the RSS feed has been successfully displayed on your website.

However, it needs to be a concern ... if you prioritize blog speed, then this widget will slow down your blog speed.  

Is there a script code?

On the RSS feed information page above, there is no information about the script, but when you are used to playing RSS feeds, maybe you can trick it, to call the YouTube RSS feed source code.

The good news is, you don't have to be difficult to experiment ... hehe

Because here MyShorttips has summarized all of my experimental results for you.

How to Install YouTube FEED RSS on Blogger ?

1. Make sure your Internet connection is on and not subject to FUP or Restrictions.
2. Open your Blogger Account
3. Please go directly to Layout
4. After that you click add widget, you can put it in the sidebar or footer .. whatever ... :)
5. On the page that appears, please look for the "Feed" widget or gadget as shown below 

After that, you enter the command code to retrieve the default blogger feed below,



Then you go to your Youtube channel, make sure you are on the homepage of the youtube channel as shown below 


After that, copy the link and put it right in front of the feed code above.
for example the following link :


later it will be like this :


or sometimes if you don't have a custom YouTube name, usually the link looks like this :


if you log in using a YouTube account that has your channel.

later it will turn out like this if combined

6. Enter, then the feed will be read if it is successful or if there are no errors, later you will find the code changes to the source code for the Youtube page and will automatically display the latest video uploads.
7. You can set the number of RSS feeds that will appear.
8. After that, click save and see the results of your hard work. 


Try to learn if you study material at MyShortTips, you have to practice it right away, because knowledge is not used, it just means not learning anything from it.

And with practice you will be able to become more familiar with the material, so that you will have no trouble memorizing because the most important thing is not memorizing the exact same,

But, the most important thing is to understand, because when you understand, one day when you rarely hold onto the learning, it will be easier for you to remember than you memorized what else you needed to do last night.


OK Google! I think, for this tutorial like that, and I hope the article above is easy to understand, making it easier for you to practice, and don't forget that for example this is useful you can share or share with other friends, for example on Facebook Twitter or WA , so that they also know how.

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