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9 Attitudes Tips! that can make life easier

MyShorTTips | Life Tips- Sometimes I often feel really hard, especially when faced with problems, if I personally have social problems, it is the heaviest scourge.


     I don't know, maybe it's different from you guys ..


I am also trying to improve myself here.


Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses .. I'm sure those of you who read this also have special advantages ... besides the shortcomings that exist ...


Oh yeah, in this post we don't discuss tutorials, but rather share notes.


Here I try to share some notes "How to behave about something, which might make life easier ... meaning less burdened thoughts .."



life like a boat


take a look..



1. Attitude not to be easily offended


jangan mudah tersinggung



Maybe this is very difficult for some people, and it looks like me too. 


But what needs to be remembered It is important to have a reality in life, that you should not be immersed in the perspective of others. 


If someone judges us, it has more to do with them than with us ... and this "Don't Get Offended" attitude can do more harm than good. 


for example a rift with that person ... or limiting our own space because our point of view tells us that he is the enemy. So the best attitude is to accept, but that does not mean we do what the other person judges .. we have the right to control ourselves...


2. Attitude Toward Health




Maintaining general health, with proper nutrition is often overlooked. It can definitely make life easier as you get older.


3. Attitude Toward Solitude




Learn to be good alone. This is the sense that it is not related to religion ... no ... (because in religion we are encouraged to remind each other - 'Al Asr') 


but for the attitude towards loneliness, it is more like "you learn to be okay, even though alone it doesn't always have to be with friends" So many people have to be in relationships. 


They need to be surrounded by lots of friends or someone 24/7. 


You and I can learn a lot about ourselves by being alone. Don't spend your entire life running away from yourself. Because then we never know who we really are, what do we want ourselves to be?



4. Attitudes Toward Social Media


sikap terhadap media sosial



Most of what we see or read there are images of aliases which can sometimes be fake, although some are not ... but sometimes it creates a dilemma comparing to 'what makes us hurt ourselves'


Everyone tries to portray an image to impress someone while underneath their life is sometimes not what they describe.

But indeed we cannot deny that sometimes there are ups and downs ... sometimes there are also those who socialize the media to save moments when they are in an upward state ... for memories and notes, that they were once in that phase...

So oh yes, as I said at the beginning, not all are fake 'we can never guess a person's real heart, but sometimes from their behavior, it can be reflected ...'

How to behave?  The point of this note is that we don't hurt ourselves because we compare ... so it's okay if we do social media, but we are ready first, to make it entertainment or just motivate, convince ourselves that everyone has their own path and the shelter is also not the same.

Oh yeah .. extra tips for you

"Don't be easily ignited, in social media - because you could be being tricked by the kagebunshin account ..."



5. Attitude Towards Yourself




Be easy on yourself, life can be difficult sometimes. Negative self-talk is useless. This is almost related to the attitude towards social media above ...


everyone has their own strengths, 


sometimes we just haven't found it yet .. try to recognize yourself, sometimes those advantages are things we can do without coercion, we find it easy to do, and of course the positive thing, because the negative one I am sure will make you regret it.


6. An attitude of gratitude


rasa syukur
grasshoppers are grateful ... how about you ..?



This is what makes our lives calmer, avoiding complaining too, yes it seems, because with gratitude ... we are truly at the alpha point, 'ZERO',

Try to practice gratitude. Make a small list of 3 things that you are grateful for every day.

If in Islam, how come this can be combined with prayer, so prayer after prayer is not only about requests, try to link gratitude. I am sure, you will be calmer ... because again ... the closeness to the Creator is what makes the problems we face feel easier to solve ... then we can level up ... because we have solved the problem ...


Because the problems that we managed to solve, it will be a valuable lesson ... a kind of anti-body like that ... if we have overcome it ... if we are faced with the same problem, we will be lighter to solve it ...

7. Attitude Towards the Road Less traveled





Do not take the path that others have walked, or what you are told to grow up with. Take the path we want. It's your life! you who have control and you who feel ....

You are free to accept input, but the decision is yours. This attitude is closely related to independence.


The message of this note "Don't take the negative path" is when you know the final impact ... if you don't want to get caught up in regret.

8. Attitude Toward Difference






Don't worry about right or wrong. Don't force your opinion on anyone. It's much easier to "let go" than to waste energy, even if you know you're right.


If in Islam I have read "For you, your religion, for me my religion" it is a final and wise statement .. it means that if we have expressed our thoughts ... well, other people have control over themselves, whether they accept it or reject it.

9. Attitude Toward "Pain" - Mental Suffering








life is full of mental suffering. This could be the result of social life .. and various other pressures.

Learn to sit in that pain for a while, learn from it, and move on again. The best way to get through a dire situation is to keep moving, if you stop, life will feel unbearable.

The way to solve the problem is to solve it right? yes because it relates to the level ... when we are successful in overcoming the problem, then our level goes up due to the additional experience. 


This is often studied in RPG games .




Those are some Notes to Attitudes that can make life easier.





Just take the appropriate one .. and remind me if something goes wrong ..


If there are wrong words and explanations ... I apologize ... because the topic of 'Life' is not easy, I would rather just share notes ...


that means I am not a trainer who requires you to be like this ... no ...












Original Writter F.N.A-RED - RahmanCyber.NET


Source from ( My Indonesian Website ) : 

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