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How to Give Your Ambience Effect in Android Smartphone

MyShortTips | Computer Tips - Are you among those who listen to music every day? If so, surely some of the songs can immerse you in the atmosphere of the song according to the mood. 

It turns out that this has been proven by research which reveals that it is music that affects a person's mood. When someone listens to music with a happy tone, it will have a positive effect on the condition of the person's heart and vice versa.

The research distinguishes music that is spread in the media into two types, namely instrumental music and lyric music. Instrumental music only plays musical instruments played by musicians, such as piano, guitar, violin, and others. While lyric music has vocals and meaning in the lyrics.

Music with lyrics is more popular because it can be sung by everyone, while instrumentals can only be played by people who can play the instrument. It is the elements in music such as the beat, tempo, the meaning of the lyrics, the mix of sounds, the volume, and the clarity of the voice that can affect the state of a person's heart. Therefore, jazz music that can provide a calm atmosphere is often played in dining venues. 




This really cool to make alternative feel of your song.. but, if there is no computer around of you..

you can use your phone to do it..
give some ASMR or Ambience to your music and let's go ready to upload...

Thats it!

I hope that video can make you to add Ambience effect on your smartphone PC.

#tutoral #ambience 

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