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How to Compress Video to Small Size! in Android Smartphone


Videos have many different formats or types, usually each format has been optimized for different devices. For example, laptops use the AVI or MPEG format more often, then for cell phones it is usually 3GP or MP4.

That's why some devices cannot play videos of certain formats. To fix this, you need to convert or change the video format into a format supported by the device you want to use. Well, this tutorial will help you do that.

To convert videos, if on a desktop computer we will use the help of an application called Format Factory which I have been using for a long time. The app is free, so there's no need to worry. You can download and use it freely.

Well, but on this occasion we will use a smartphone for that.

So we can convert videos anywhere to upload them to media publishers such as YouTube and other platforms.

For step by step I have summarized it into an audio visual show that you can watch on this MyShorttips youtube channel. 

How to Compress Video Without Losing Quality on Your Smartphone before Upload.


This step by step for you to make your video smaller size before you upload it on youtube, facebook or other platform.

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