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Download Free Blogger Template Skylight Basic v1 ( Like Premium, no Hidden Code )

RahmanCyber.NET | Free Blogger Templates! - On the occasion tonight we launched a very basic template, but RESPONSIVE and FAST, SO SIMPLE! Let me introduce you! Basic Skylight


Skylight Basic Template Blogger



This is the first template from RAHMANCYBER.NET GRATIISSS, because this is the first time we are releasing the Blogger / Blogspot template ... Free, Feels Premium! meaning that no code is hidden or encrypted ...

Why is this template called SKYLIGHT Basic? because for some reason I like looking at the sky so SKY was chosen, now for the Light is Light ... let's just think of it as Light from the Sky ... hehe, Oh yeah forget ... Basic means Basic ... Because it all starts with the basic, assume wrote a simplicity.

This SKYLIGHT Basic Blogger template is suitable for those of you who have a personality that is not complicated and simple, suitable for journal blogs or notes or writing blogs ... because it is so basic and simple.

But I realize that maybe this SKYLIGHT BASIC blogger template still has many shortcomings ... so please for those of you who want to try, comment and show me the shortcomings and mistakes, so that it will be useful for development ...



SKYLIGHT BASIC Blog Template Speed (RahmanCyber.NET)


This template is made to a minimum so that the speed is WUSSSS ... here is the real documentation using an image that is not optimized:


PageSpeed uses GTMETRIX


This is a test that I did at GTMETRIX, the value is able to touch LETTER "A" which means Basic Skylight v1 Template - Simple, Responsive and Fast Speed Blogger Template, Free Download!

PageSpeed uses PageSpeed Insight


This is a test that I did in Google's PageSpeed Insight, the value is able to touch the number "88" for mobile views with images that are not optimized, and the number "97" for desktop views with images that are not optimized. means Template Skylight Basic v1 - Blogger Template Simple, Responsive and Fast Speed, Free Download!


PageSpeed Insight Mobile

PageSpeed Insight Desktop

So in conclusion, for Skylight Basic v1, this is not bad ... even though the appearance is really BASIC. 






This SKYLIGHT Basic template uses SCHEMA.ORG, bro ... so it's the newest one for now ... I don't know what updates will be in the future ...


The advantages of SKYLIGHT BASIC


Here are some of the advantages of SKYLIGHT BASIC v1 RahmanCyber.NET


- RESPONSIVE display

- AUTO READMORE with customizable IMAGE

- PageSpeed mak Nyusss, mak Wussss (Fast Speed)

- Passed Google Desktop Work Test- Cek

- Passed Google Mobile Work Result Test
- Cek


- Basic and Simple view

- SEO Friendly (Maybe yes ... Don't Guarantee me ...)

- Mobile Friendly

- Fast Page Loading

- Schema Markup



Here I show some of the shortcomings that were detected from SKYLIGHT BASIC v1 RahmanCyber.NET

- Doesn't support Blogger Theme Designer

- No Breadcumb

- No MultiRelated Post

- There is no Top Menu

WEB DEV Test Results


I also tried to test the SKYLIGHT BASIC Blogger template whose content I didn't optimize, including Meta on the Experiment Blog ... hehehe

Here's the result ...


Not bad .. some got 100 .. ^ _ ^

SKYLIGHT BASIC v1 Display Documentation


The following is a documentation of the appearance of the SKYLIGHT BASIC, please check it ... let's be honest ... D

Mobile / Smartphone display

Desktop PC / Laptop Display

SKYLIGHT Basic Layout Interface Display

Okay, that's what the interface looks like for the frontpage and admin sections ...

Download SKYLIGHT Basic | Latest RahmanCyber NET

Please, my friend, see the Demos first before deciding to download and replace the old template or install it on a new blog.




How to Download SKYLIGHT BASIC V1 Blogger Theme Free


For friends who are still unfamiliar with GITHUB, please follow the download instructions below.

Cara Download Skylight Basic v1


Well, just follow the method according to the number in the image above.




Here I did not deliberately hide the code and lock the footer and credit ^ _ ^

For this SKYLIGHT BASIC Blogger Template Project is purely FREE / FREE (Premium Flavor)

Installation Guide


For the installation guide for the free premium SKYLIGHT BASIC V1 blog template, I have made a special page for it in Documentation Skylight Basic v1, check it out!



27 / 11 / 2020

SKYLIGHT BASIC v1 - Persiapan Rilis. - Demo First

28 / 11 / 2020

SKYLIGHT BASIC v1 - Rilis - Download Available (GITHUB)

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