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15 List of Quality Backlinks to Improve your SEO Blog

What is the importance of Backlinks for our website? What is Backlink? Where can we put backlinks? Okay patience, friends, here we will discuss more about BACKLINK ... of course before you all get to the various sites that I usually make a reference for quality backlinks.

Because the learning material in this session is a bit heavy, so we need to concentrate, hmm, but if you are already masters ... please skip directly to the BACKLINK COLLECTION commonly used by RahmanCyber NET to heading the popularity of our site ... hehe, Greetings Mastah!
Now let's get to know the backlink first ...


before we get started to spread word about backlink, you can read our article about blogging here 

We ara manage our blogger article in one place, so... you can easy to find what you want and what you need.

What is Backlink?

Backlinks are links from other sites that point to the blogs that we have, whether it's from Quality Sites or not Quality, which is clearly the point ...
But if you want to elaborate again, Backlinks are links that point to our website and can be used as a parameter for search engine sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines to sort search results.

Yes! This backlink is one of the parameters of the many parameters in the algorithm, and until now, this is also still one of the parameters.

So that indeed Backlink is always used as a lure to sell a product called SEO (Search Engine Optimized), the term SEO SERVICE is like that. Every website has a dream that the website has a lot of visitors right ... well, that's why this BACKLINK Technique is included in the mandatory SEO dictionary.

Backlinks that we know friends, there are 2 types, namely Do Follow and No Follow ... So what is do follow and no follow. We will discuss in the next Section

What are Do Follow and No Follow?

Dear Friend RahmanCyber Network, wherever you are, in any part of the world (maybe you translate this article) before we dive deeper ... we will discuss Do Follow and No Follow first.

What is the Definition of a Do Follow link?

Until now, the quality link benchmark is still driven by how many other pages reference your website, and that's the backlink.

For example, the way the Google Search Engine works that wants quality search results in accordance with the keywords typed by the information seeker.

To determine this, if we compare the sales of goods, it is sure to inform prospective buyers that the product is quality or not from the number of people who review it ...?  Google is also the same, to determine these results, the number of incoming links is an important factor, and it is commonly referred to as SEO OFF-Page!

Various incoming links seem to work like a VOTE or support it. The more incoming links that point to your site, it means that it is an indication that your website is quality. For Google and maybe some other search engines, VOTE is considered as POINTS.

SEO Service Sellers commonly refer to these LINK POINTS as LINK Juice.
And this is the true meaning of the DO Follow Link, a link that directly impacts other pages on a page's ranking system based on keywords in a search engine like Google.

Keep in mind, friend, all the links in the post whether that website or blog by default are do follow, so there are many SEO contests that use this to boost the popularity of the newly built webpage.
Unless you modify the page to be no follow by including the no follow rel attribute.

What is the Definition of No Follow Link?


In contrast to Do Follow, this nofollow link does not provide any impact points from search engines, meaning that search engines like Google ignore No Follow Links, so it's clear the name is NoFollow ... "Don't Follow!" so indeed that means forbidding the engine toraw links that have the NoFollow attribute.
So it's useless, Rahman, do we put the link in the No Follow Website Section?
Nope! Nothing is useless, yes maybe the machine will ignore it, but have you ever thought if it were people or humans? yes, if it's useful, maybe it will be able to bring genks visitors ...

Quality Backlink Collection with high DA and PA!

The following are some of the Backlink collections that are commonly used from the results of research so far, and those sites have a reputation for DA and PA that can be considered high, very suitable for us to put backlinks ... of course, don't spam ... play with quality!

YouTube - Domain Authority: 100

Link Attribute: Nofollow (used to provide dofollow links)
To Get Backlinks: Create your own channel. Youtube is a Google web property, so having a link from an active YouTube account can help your site be frequented by search engine crawlers.

Facebook - Domain Authority: 100

Link Attribute: Nofollow
To Get Backlinks: Create a Facebook Page for your site, and build a strong community around your fan page (Promote useful content organically or even through paid channels). Having a solid Facebook community / page to support brand digital marketing initiatives, you can help drive massive social traffic to your website (especially if done right).

Twitter - Domain Authority: 100

Link Attribute: Nofollow
To Get Backlinks: Google has been displaying tweets (pages deeper than Twitter) on their search results since 2015, which means that the search engine giant often visits the site in terms of crawling and indexing. Promoting your site's newly published pages / content on this social platform can help speed up their indexation (and generate traffic too, once you build a stronger follower base).

LinkedIn Pulse - Domain Authority: 100

Link Attribute: Nofollow
To Get Backlinks: Write a new article in your LinkedIn feed.

Medium - Domain Authority: 94

Link Attribute: Nofollow
To Get Backlink: Register for a new account, then write a new story.

SlideShare - Domain Authority: 96

Link Attribute: NoFollow
To Get Backlinks: Convert your site's best content into a slide deck and upload it to Slideshare (the link in the presentation can be clicked). Can help you get a lot of exposure from active users of their community (and traffic too).

Quora - Domain Authority: 90

Link Attribute: NoFollow
To Get Backlinks: Find questions from Quora users that you can provide answers / solutions that are really valuable. Aim to get more upvotes for your answers to get more clicks on your link. - Domain Authority: 92

Link Attribute: NoFollow
To Get Backlink: Register for account, create an article that you have provided a link and upload it to, you can create an article in pdf, doc and others.

Scribd - Domain Authority: 93

Link Attribute: NoFollow
To Get Backlink: Register a account and create an article that has a link inserted and upload it to the site

Steemit - Domain Authority: 74

Link Attribute: Nofollow
To Get Backlink: Create an account (although it may take 1-2 days to get your account approved), then start writing.

CrunchBase - Domain Authority: 89

Link Attribute: Dofollow
To Get Backlink: Register for a new account. Create your own profile (or profile for your business / company). - Domain Authority: 91

Link Attribute: Dofollow
To Get Backlink: Register for a new account, then create your personal profile.

Reddit - Domain Authority: 99

Link Attribute: DoFollow (for posts that have high votes)
To Get Backlinks: Join and become an active contributor to the subreddit related to your business. Do not Nyepam well ... later beaten by many people ... and the danger is for your branding, Write and share useful content that will resonate well with the subreddit community.

ProductHunt - Domain Authority: 82

Link Attribute: DoFollow (but the account must be an active contributor to have an indexable profile page)
To Get Backlinks: Register and become an active member of their community (by consistently supporting and commenting on products or services that you use or are really interested in).

Google My Business & Google Plus - Domain Authority: 100

Link Attribute: Dofollow
To Get Backlinks: Two web properties from Google that can help make your site regularly crawled and re-indexed. Google My Business can also help improve your site's search visibility to local search.

Yes, maybe my new reference is that much, if there is more inspiration, maybe we add the list, Sis Rahman, Is it okay if we put the link on the BULE website?

hm ... it doesn't seem to matter, but if you're the type that is very concerned with BRANDING ... try to be appropriate, it would be better if your website has 2 modes, namely Indonesian and English modes.

Okay, that's all for discussion of this long and detailed backlink, Please comment wisely. : D
If you want to add quality Backlink collection for reference, please add it in the comments box.

Jaaaaaa ....

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