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ChromeOS Flex on MicroSD Upgradeable!

ChromeOSFlex - A few weeks ago, while still in the month of Ramadan in 2024, we conducted an experiment to install an operating system / operating system onto portable non-volatile storage media such as microsd cards, flash disks which in fact cannot normally be filled with operating systems or the computer operating system cannot be installed on the media, but this time we are trying to overcome these limitations.

ChromeOS Flex MicroSD Upgradeable
ChromeOS Flex MicroSD Upgradeable

Background to the Experiment

In the past, we discussed ChromeOS Flex several years ago, and we thought about installing ChromeOS Flex, which is quite light, onto a flash disk, but at that time it failed because there were special installation requirements.

Then, during the fasting month for Muslims, we thought about this problem again, finally we tried to make an experiment with the target of being able to install the Chromeosflex operating system which we considered more suitable to support this experiment considering that the speed of a microSD is far from the speed of an SSD or hard disk. .

Actually, for the first time, we want to try Windows or Linux but it looks like it won't be fast enough, because the resources are heavier... so here the most likely first choice is Chromeosflex, especially this is very useful for administrators, especially those related to Google in terms of privacy.

So if this works, we can run the OS just by logging in using an account, then we can work and even use ChromeOS' built-in Dictation.

Portable is the Target!

Yup! With this experiment, we want to be able to work anywhere with other existing computers... without having to worry about having to re-install, re-install again..., even though in fact we can also use a flash disk or micro SD, plug it into the PC, then people won't be able to access our files. like when the Linux OS can access various Windows files even though they are hidden without encryption... :).

that's the goal if it's successful...

Experiment to Install ChromeOS Flex on MicroSD begins..

Of course, to connect a microSD card to a computer, we need a MicroSD to USB adapter, so we will plug it into the USB port just like when using a flash disk.

Actually, the speed of a microSD is not much different from a flash disk, the ideal is 100Mbps for read and usually the write speed is quite slow...

Some fast microSDs are quite expensive... for the black Sandisk Extreme Pro with speeds of up to 200Mbps it can get up to 300 thousand... but this time we are using a used MicroSD, the one we used before on our cellphone... it only has a capacity of 16GB, bro. .. so it's really tight, it's just that here we only need the main Chromeos Flex, meaning there's no need to install the Linux environment... so here we're like just using a browser, only this is PRIVATE, meaning there's privacy..

It's different from borrowing a computer, if we open it there, there will be lots of limitations, especially since we need to think so that our activities are not recorded in the history of the computer's main operating system...

hehe... not to mention if the computer we borrow is good at IT, it could be dangerous too... even if it's incognito...

So we have made up our minds, we use 2 MicroSD, one for bootable ChromeOS Flex, then the other we use for installing ChromeOS Flex.

Experimental Documentation Video Installing ChromeOS Flex on MicroSD

OK, so that we don't type too much at the beginning, let's just present it in video form, bro...

Including step by step..! Moreover, this is a challenging project, because no one has ever published it as far as I searched on YouTube, so this can be said to be a first!

Let's experiment with installing ChromeOS FLEX on a used MicroSD... :)

Just watch step by step how to install it and set up ChromeOS Flex directly so it can be used properly...

closely related to this discussion

*Actually, I want to split this video into several parts... but considering the discussion here is varied... so later when we have time we will make chapters... hehe

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