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How to Remote PC Windows Pro from Chromebook using RDP Client (Microsoft Remote Desktop)



This video discusses a little about the basic concepts of RDP, but for a small scope, we don't discuss RDP Servers that must be rented from outside RDP Servers..

Tools What we are using here is a Windows PC as the RDP Server, while the RDP Client is a Chromebook using a Microsoft RDP Client.


*To be able to do this, the RDP Server must be at least Windows Pro version... while the Home version cannot use the Remote Desktop feature as a server and can only Remote Desktop as a Client with Remote Desktop Connection embedded in a windows pc.


With this, we have another option for me.remote on Chromebook :)

then what about Smartphones? Smartphones, right? why choose Chromebook?

the reason is here :)

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a network protocol used by Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and Remote Desktop.

With this, it is hoped that it can also be a provision if you buy RDP Server services, whether it's domestically or abroad, how to connect to the server can use the following method it :)

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