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Easy Ways to Copy/Copy Excel Tables/Spreadsheets to WhatsApp Messenger on Chromebook

If we talk about copying tables to internet messaging media such as Whatsapp, then it can be done in the latest version of Microsoft Excel.

You just need to do some copying steps,

  • 1. Selecting the Table area that you will copy to Whatsapp, click ctrl+c
  • 2. After that, go to Whatsapp and go to the contact you want to send
  • 3. Just go to the message section, you paste it by clicking ctrl+v from the keyboard.
  • 4. Then, the table will automatically turn into an image, like when you take a screenshot with a screen capture program installed on your computer.

But what needs attention here is that the table that you submitted cannot be edited, because it is an image.

if you can apply the steps above on a computer with a Windows operating system, then what about a chromebook? remember normally... chromebook can't be installed Microsoft Excel... if you don't use some other kind of virtual machine, like PlayonLinux..

Here's an alternative that you can use to copy tables directly from a spreadsheet.. without the need to take screenshots using the built-in chromebook chromebook screen recorder.



This is about how we can easily copy Tables in spreadsheets to Whatsapps... with our favorite chromebook.. :)

It's all completely FREE..

use software that is indeed free.. okay.. ;)


Solution Finding Process. 00:00

  • -Microsoft Excel to Whatsapp table on Windows 00:19
  • -Try using Google Doc.. does it work/fail? 00:58
  • -Why doesn't work on chromebook? 01:30
  • -Conclusions and results..can Copy Paste Table directly to Whatsapp 03:25
  • -Closing 06:06

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May it be useful.

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