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Graphic Design Tutorial using Inkscape on Chromebook

This is the Periodic Update page for Design Learning Using Inkscape on Chromebooks, actually related to other than Chromebooks, hehe... but here I want to show you how the Chromebook is used as a design tool...?

Yeah, here the Inkscape version that I use is the Inkscape AppImage which I run from the SD CARD/External Storage Chromebook.. so it is suitable for friends who have Chromebooks with limited storage.

Let's just hope this goes smoothly for building a designed playlist on a Chromebook.

Next-Level Chromebooks. :)

Previously, if you don't know what Inkscape is, I've already discussed Inkscape here in this article.

How to Install on a Chromebook, there are many ways, bro, some others are like in the Inkscape installation article that I discussed earlier in this article.

However, I am currently implementing how to run Inkscape from an SD Card which I have discussed in the form of an article here, and as I discussed also on the RahmanCyber.NET Official Youtube channel at this link.




 Why Choose Inkscape?

The main reason is because this software will certainly be used by all people, including friends who are still in school, can't earn their own money.. (I'm sure you know what I mean)

Moreover, Inkscape is Vector software, so it is lighter for Chromebooks compared to design software that is primarily on Raster.

Even though they both work pretty well on Chromebooks with actual lag, if we're patient, it's not too much of a problem, because it's also not too lag...

It's just that what makes it feel weird is that Inkscape is running so smoothly on Chromebooks, even I, who used to design using a PC, feel comfortable with the design using an economical device that I bought 6 months ago... wew.. it doesn't feel right 6 months bro!

Then, inkscape is also available for the AppImage version, so it can be run without the need to install it on a Chromebook, especially for limited Internal Storage.

What do you like about the Newest version of Inkscape 2022?

I think this is a very significant change, why? because now Inkscape already supports multi-page, and we don't have to bother anymore to open a new document to create another document. This is especially useful for multi-page designs that have the same theme.

In addition, Inkscape supports Batch export! this is very important if we make icon sheets... so it's faster to export :) because it can export several objects at once!

There's more to the coloring section that gets richer with serious Gradient colors! Yeayyy!!!

What do you think of Inkscape running on Chromebooks?


Yup! fluent! Of course this runs on a Linux environment, because inkscape is not currently available on the android version.. :)

So now we can also play Microstock with just a chromebook.. :) but for those who can already run a linux environment, yes, it means that we have updated chromeos above the 70's version...

Because if you don't, or those who have entered the AUE or Auto Update Expired period in 2016, then you can't activate the linux environment, unless you change the OS to Linux for example.. :)

Here, I can export the design file to EPS format, which is usually a requirement in Microstok designs..

Design Learning Content Using Inkscape Vector Software on Chromebook

Here is some content that we have successfully created and uploaded on RahmanCyber.NET's Youtube channel.

Here we try to reach all circles.



✅001 Inkscape Chromebook - Making a Really Simple Wallpaper

This video shows step by step to create a Wallpaper design for 11 inch Chromebook Screen


The software we use for design is Inkscape...

Betewe, for you Corel Draw users, please note that moving to Inkscape is not difficult, because Inkscape has a similar appearance to Corel Draw, but there are also Adobe Illustrator elements, we can choose many color palettes without the need to install from outside for third applications. party.

Learning Tutorial Targets:

    Understand the basics of Inkscape for Graphic Design
    Chromebooks can be for Graphic Design.

wkwkwkwkw... actually this is a video mode for Learning Inkscape from Basics.. hehe, but I'll pack it into a Wallpaper for Learning... hopefully if you pay close attention, then you can already learn basic inkscape..

At least to make a Simple/Simple Design from the beginning to create a document, to turn the design into a final format, such as JPG.

Video timestamps:

*sound is a bit problematic...

  •     How to Open Inkscape App from SD CARD - 00:00
  •     Related videos, linux file manager
  •     Factors that cause fast or slow application loading from SD card - 00:49
  •     Slash Screen Inkscape 01:08
  •     Create Canvas from Wallpaper Templates available in Inkscape 01:12
  •     How to Zoom in Zoom Out Canvas in Inkscape 01:57
  •     How to create a Circle Object in Inkscape 02:35
  •     Easy Ways to Change Colors on Inkscape Chromebook 02:54
  •     How to make a square or rectangle on a chromebook 03:07
  •     Shifting and Selecting problems that often occur and are experienced by beginners after creating objects in Inkscape Chromebook 03:24
  •     Select and Transform Shortcuts and Their Important Uses in Inkscape Chromebooks 03:44
  •     How to Delete Objects other than Using the Delete Key on the Keyboard - 04:00
  •     How to Make a Background / Wallpaper background from squares in Inkscape Vector Software for graphic design on Chromebooks - 04:21
  •     How to Align / Align Objects (Deep Explanation) in Inkscape Chromebook - 07:10
  •     How to Change Layer Position (Arrange Object) in Inkscape Chromebook - 08:31
  •     How to Export / Save As to SVG so that it can be edited later - 09:03
  •     How to Export to JPG Format to use as wallpaper on Chromebooks - 09:32
  •     Outro - 15:17

I already explained that when I took this video, there was a problem with the microphone, if it's disturbed, you can just mute the sound...



✅002 Inkscape Chromebook - How to Make a Simple Minimalist Poster Design




Here I try to make a simple Poster, and only contains Text and Shapes on a Chromebook.

So at the same time this is for a series of videos that show friends, the performance of a chromebook to be used as a graphic design tool.

Especially here is vector design.


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