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How to Activate Google Play on Chromebook

Here I will share tips on how to activate Google Play on a Chromebook. Although actually on the latest chromebook sales, it is usually already activated.

On the Samsung Chromebook 4, which I bought a few days ago... er, last month, last year... it was directly installed and activated for Google Play... only Linux needs to be manually activated. 

But if your Chromebook is not yet active for Google Play, you can follow the steps below to activate Google Play on your Chromebook.



1. Go to Quick Settings

Please go to the Quick Settings Panel located in the lower right corner of the chromebook screen, buddy.

quick setting

2. Click Settings

After that click the Settings icon, which is symbolized by the gears


icon setting


3. Scroll to the Google Play section

In the settings window that appears, you can directly scroll down, until you find the Google Play Store section

Then, please click the "Turn On" button to activate the Google Play Store on your Chromebook.

turn on google play

4. Agree to the Terms of Service


After that, on the ToS sheet, please select Agree if you want to activate the Google Play Store, if you want to read the Terms and Conditions of using the Service, please...

If you are sure, please click "Agree", which means you agree.


google play stor agreement



5. Google Play Ready

Done! Pengaktifan Google Play Store berhasil, ditandai dengan anda masuk ke halaman Google Play seperti ketika anda buka Google Play di Android.


google play store ready


Done, that's an easy way to activate the Google Play Store on a Chromebook, so you can run Android applications.

For now, when this is posted... the android on ChromeOS is android 9. For the Stable version of ChromeOS huh...

Hopefully there will be big updates in the future, for Android the version is upgraded to the latest Android version... or Android 11..


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