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How to solve Adobe Stock Portfolio Profile that Page not Found



page not found portofolio adobe stock

MyshortTips Microstock -  When we want to see our portfolio of works on adobe stock, suddenly "Page not found" appears or more fully, it will display text like this..

Page not Found
Sorry, that page doesn't exist, try your search again


Of course, there are some designers who panic. Don't let the work that we have uploaded, deleted, banned, or disabled down... especially if you already have hundreds, or even thousands, and have already paid back and forth.

Adobe Stock a Crispy source of income for Designers

It is undeniable that adobe stock is a pretty good passive income area for designers. Because we sell it once, we can get up to 1 dollar per item, or even more...

0.1 dollars, hehe, or 0.10 dollars, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, he

I've seen 1.6 dollars for one work, which is quite reasonable once downloaded, but for some reason it gradually dropped to 0.6 dollars, but not 0.10 dollars, huh.

Yes, on Adobe stock, we can even sell. Hehe, this is different from some other microstocks which still have a minimum of EPS...

Although we know that Inkscape can be exported to EPS, I think SVG is more practical because many apps support that format.

How to Fix Adobe Stock Portfolio Profile Page not Found

A sign that your account is disabled or banned is if you can't access the contributors page, while other designers can enter, and you get a notification letter that your account is banned. (Usually that's the case).

But if you still have access to the Contribute page, and the portfolio there is still clearly displayed on the Contribute page, then it's not in your portfolio where the problem is, but in your browser.

First step :

Here I found this solution, when I try to access it with another browser on my smartphone, I immediately point to the public profile, and the result is... my portfolio can be accessed properly...

Likewise when I access it with another browser on the Desktop...

So for the first method, you have to switch browsers :) meaning that other people out there can access your profile portfolio..

Then, why is my portfolio profile "Page not Found?" whereas when I look at the portfolios of other designers, it can be...

Yes, this is what is called "it has something to do with your CACHE BROWSER", so it's just your profile...

How to solve it?

Try switching to another browser...


Second way:

If you are too fond of your browser, and especially if your login information is also stored there, so you can access it easily at any time... or it's your private browser, only for login access, so you don't browse anything else there. ..

So to solve this, just "Clear Cache"

How to Clear Cache in browser

Third way:

Please add




After the sign ? in your Profile URL...

So for example:

For example, what I bolded is the Profile URL... that means just add it

If the URL there is  country name...

You can look on URL String... there is id, this indonesia code, or if you see another country code..

just delete it.

so finnaly... work well url is.

I don't know why about this problem so deep, cause i just user.... 

Hope it's useful :)

If you wan read on indonesian language, just visit our main website here


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