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How to EPSON L3110 printer can be used on Samsung Chromebook 4

MyshortTips Chromebook Tutorial - Indeed, the business of documents is very important to be done on a computer system. So it's incomplete if the computer can't perform this function.

Therefore, we tried the printer to see the compatibility of the chromebook with various devices, one of which is the printer that we will try...

EPSON L3110 Printer!... yup! because of the limitations of the printers that we are trying, so here I only add to the list of printers that I have to add in-depth knowledge about chromebooks, whether they can run them or not, whether they are compatible or not.

The following are the results of the Document Print Trial on Google Chromebook Chrome OS, to be more precise I use the Samsung Chromebook 4 Made in Vietnam




EPSON L3110 Printer at a Glance


This is a printer that can run normally on Windows, because the driver on the CD is indeed a driver for windows, whether it's windows 7, 10, or windows after that... most likely compatible.


You can see and read my review of the EPSON L3110 Unboxing Printer that I wrote earlier on RahmanCyber.NET, TEKNO Category.


But what if we run this Printer on a Chromebook? this is the purpose of this test.


What Equipment is involved in the Trial?


  • 1. Samsung Chromebook 4
  • 2. EPSON L3110 Printer Printer
  • 3. Printer Cable to USB
  • 4. Internet Connection

Printer Test Step

Here I will just give an outline of this trial, for details, you can see it in the video I included in the post about the Epson L3110 Printer when run on this Samsung Chromebook 4.

  • 1. Of course I have setup the EPSON L3110 Printer for Ready Print as usual huh..
  • 2. I Connect Printer Cable to USB 3.0 Samsung Chromebook 4
  • 3. I turn on the power of the EPSON L3110 printer
  • 4. I Insert A4 Paper for Test Print 
  • 5. I Opened Google Doc and typed in some Letters, after that it went to Document Print Mode
  • 6. It Can Be Detected (don't believe it, you can see the video I included)
  • 7. Print settings as usual, then execute Print to print immediately
  • 8. Documents are printed well and smoothly.

Can the Epson L3110 Printer Scan Function on the Samsung Chromebook 4?

I finally found the answer, from the test many times failed...
So, yesterday we confirmed that this Epson L3110 Printer can be run on Google Chromebooks for print...


Now I'm curious about the scan function... because we don't get the official driver or scanning software from the sales package.

Find the answer in this video.. 



#samsungchromebook4 #chromebook #scan

EPSON L3110 Trial Conclusion for Chromebook

This experiment resulted in a conclusion, namely  The EPSON L3110 printer is compatible with Chromebooks.

If you don't believe it, please check the original video that we made ourselves.


Can Print or Scan... smoothly Djaya!

How come it doesn't work on my Chromebook?

Please note, that My Chromebook 4, has been updated to the latest version... Update your Chromebook soon. There will be many devices that can be compatible.

Still can't ik?

Maybe it's in the machine, of course it's related to the chip and board... hehe ^_^

So here I emphasize...

*This test I did with the Device "Samsung Chromebook 4" with the latest Chrome OS.. :)

That's it.

May it be useful.

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