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How to insert an image into a shape in inkscape like the PowerClip feature in Corel Draw?

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how to insert an image into a shape in inkscape like the PowerClip feature in Corel Draw?

Yes, you can, and it's very easy to apply.. so we can make various kinds of abstract shapes with patterns in them..


For example... I created a shape with the Freehand Tool in Inkscape, and inserted an image in it..



clipping di Inkscape free opensource




This is similar to the PowerClip feature in Corel Draw, if you use Corel Draw for your vector designs.


We know, how to use PowerClip is quite easy too in Corel Draw



How to Using PowerClip in Corel Draw


1. You need to provide Raster Photos or Images and Shapes or Shapes that you can make with the available tools, even freehand can.

2. Select or Click the Photo or Image that you want to insert into the Shape you have created, then click "Effects" on the menu bar, then select "PowerClip", and click "Place Inside Frame" to insert the Image into the Shape or the shape you have created.

When you click "Place Inside Frame" then your cursor will change to a Big Arrow, just click on the Shape, to insert the Image into the Shape

3. You have successfully inserted image or picture into the object...

Then if you want to remove it, you can choose "Effects" > "PowerClip" > "Extract Contents"


then the image is immediately removed from the shape.



How to make Isolated Objects in Inkscape like Powerclip in Corel Draw, or Clipping in Adobe Illustrator...?


Features Similar to PowerClip in CorelDraw in Inkscape

Yup! there is a feature called Clip

The steps are the same...just a little different...

1. You first prepare the Image and Shape

2. Please place and position the Raster Image to Shape (Make sure the Shape is on top, and the Raster Image is below the Shape)

3. Select Everything (Image and Shape)

4. After that Select "Object" > "Clip" > "Set"

5. Your Clipping Is Finished! :) it's so very simple..

to remove it is also easy, just click your clip first, then select "Object" > "Clip" > "Release"


For more details about Clip... take a look at this video I've made on Quesearch

RahmanCyber QUESEARCH, has made a short tutorial on Inkscape for Clipping.

you can see in  Facebook Page Quesearch which I just created apart from RahmanCyber's Facebook Page or on the Official Youtube Channel Quesearch by RahmanCyber.

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