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8 Tips How to be a Young Entrepreneur from an Early Age

How to Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur is not an absolute way, it's more of an effort.. or we are trying from some of the learning points that we get from various references..

Business Logic

Everyone's understanding and handling is different, so this article also does not guarantee you can be successful, but at least a few points can help, for my own reminder, as well as my friend who accidentally stopped by this business article.

Let's go straight to Business material!

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This technological advancement has indeed made the number of young entrepreneurs increasingly mushrooming in Indonesia, but not only in Indonesia, but in various parts of the world. Even without the need for a high degree of diploma, one can become a young entrepreneur with fantastic income.

But it turns out to be successful as a young entrepreneur, it's not easy... if you're just a young entrepreneur, I'm sure it'll be easy, you just have to sell things at a young age... already a young entrepreneur. Especially if you are in the capital of your parents.. Which favors do you deny.. 

But does it work or not? That's the point..

Many young entrepreneurs are easily tempted by the lure of investments that make money quickly, but keep in mind, whatever it is an investment that makes money quickly, one day it will also be able to spend money quickly too.

Yup! Nothing is instant bro... unless you take a shortcut, which you will bear for the consequences later..

How not to get lost? here I try to adapt some tips from several reference sources that I get from within or outside the country, based on the Inteenbisnis version.

1. Focus on the Goal!

A lot of time is wasted if we don't focus on the goal. Even though we may get success... but sometimes it's not optimal, because our focus is divided and the power we give to our efforts is "half-half" so that the results become less than fantastic.

This happened to me when I really wanted to open a lot of businesses right away, which turned out to be a dizzy point when I ordered A -B -C at one time, and caused rejection due to limited capacity.

Indeed, on the positive side I can understand the market more broadly than several business fields, but if I am more focused and objective ... or try to make one business first until it can be automated..

Then it will be better ... because our strength in the business is not half - half, but "full!", we also become easier to do, because we don't always have to SWITCH!

where for the switch, we need a pause to adapt again...

2. The teacher is necessary


Honestly, most of my teachers are virtual, and rarely meet face-to-face or have intense consulting relationships, I prefer to explore and get virtual teachers even though I don't know each other and try to get to know each other... only take good things that are in accordance with the principle, and silent readers...

But it turns out that a real Mentor is necessary, especially for business continuity, because it indirectly opens a connection to the business network that we are currently in.

When we have a mentor, our journey will not feel alone.. so it's like someone is guiding..

However, getting a truly sincere mentor isn't easy either.
Because sometimes there is also a shrimp behind a stone..

Eating it made me explore myself more..

If you find a mentor who is truly sincere towards you, keep it, because it is valuable to you.

How to measure a mentor is sincere or not, you have to first enter his life and from there you can analyze yourself .. so it can't be subjective from what people say..

Are you? mean take the course first..? no, I didn't say that.. it's also difficult to know the nature of people by having to register one by one.. how much money was spent? you don't have to do anything like that either. Take courses according to your business... so you don't lose, because usually there is a guarantee...

What I mean here is, the recognition process is not instant...

It's not even just getting to know a mentor, to know who a person really is, whether it's a business partner or our friend, then we need time...

I've also practiced this, and I usually use this to "stay.. or leave"

Although we still maintain friendship, but for the priority scale, we can put it aside...


You have to really know him, so you really know what he's like, how he works, how he views the business.. does he justify all kinds of ways or be careful in starting a business..? and many others.

Stay or Leave.. it's your choice.

Every decision is yours...

3. Respect yourself

Becoming an entrepreneur is a tiring process, friend, you need to give yourself time to relax, so you can be fresher and can easily come up with new ideas or solve complex problems.

4. Use appropriate marketing media

Do not force ads in paid places, if your budget is limited. Instead you can use free media, for example you blog, you use social media, you post content, so you can naturally grow engagement with your business.

But if your budget is there and finances are well controlled, by placing targeted ads such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or even TV and Radio, it will be faster to introduce your business.

Of course you have to prepare advertising materials carefully, don't let your budget go to waste because of copywriting that doesn't sell.

5. Take care

Even Mentors will be reluctant to mentor you if you as a young entrepreneur are arrogant, arrogant and even more so on your own.

Moreover, the most heartbreaking thing is that, when the source of information becomes easier and knowledge is spread, the attitude of respect is "lost".

This often happens when the material is so abundant, he seems arrogant and demeans others.. even if it's the teacher at school..

emember, the sky is not always bright, the weather is not always so cold... the wheels will always spin..

I suggest for young entrepreneurs.. "When you can maintain your attitude, respect others... feel the benefits"

6. Time Management

This is a very important issue of time management, actually this also applies to various aspects of life we need to determine priorities, which ones are important which ones are not too important, which ones are yes and which ones are not..

For example, there is info on a seminar.. it doesn't really relate to your business.. yes, we need to force ourselves to join.

Planning and preparation in terms of time management is very important.

Make notes to determine the priority scale you want to work on .. after that do it ..

7. Have Principles

You need to have principles, so that your problems don't spread anywhere.

Remember, there is always an impact on the choices you make, it's just a good or bad impact.

So as a young entrepreneur, you need to pay attention to this, you have the right to refuse, if it is not good for your business..

I emphasize again.... Remember, there is always an impact from the choices you make, it's just a good or bad impact..

You can do a subtle rejection, so it doesn't hurt the person who made the offer to you.

8. Do what you love

When you do business according to your interests, then it will be more enjoyable and lighter, because you really like it.

Not merely tempted by the results that other people get from the business roles they show off that have made a lot of money.

Everyone has their own door of fortune.. when we are tempted here and there, then this will mess up your focus, so as I said in the previous point.. this will make you half and half and not produce optimally.

"The neighbor's grass is more fertile?" maybe this can describe the situation..

When you still think that the neighbor's grass is more fertile... it means you don't love yourself..

Come on, start a business from something that you are really interested in, because it will lead you as a professional entrepreneur and become your specialty.

"Everyone has their own door of fortune" we never know the business he did, how he went to reach that point of success, maybe he also landed there and landed here, then finally realized, that "the most important thing in making a business is really integrated into the business, we really like doing it without coercion"

In this article.. you can immediately think, what field are you really interested in.. do it, do it and work on it

Closing Article Becoming a Successful Young Entrepreneur

That's all the business discussion this time, some from personal experience, sometimes from something I regret, please save if you want to save it, take advantage, I'm also not far from an error... so I apologize if there is an error in delivery..

Take what is useful from my article, and don't follow it if it's not good or confusing for you..





nice to meet you.





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