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How to Sign Out of a Blogger Account so that you don't log in to the same account again

Blogging activities are increasingly in demand, some of the reasons someone makes a blog are to express opinions, market something, establish themselves as an expert, to make money through blogs. Therefore, a blogger usually has more than one blog or more than one blogger account. So am I.

Because, having more than one blog account, one must often log in or log out from one account to another. But maybe this activity will be disrupted if we don't know how to get out of our blogger account. As I experienced some time ago.

Even though you have logged out and logged in with another google account.. but you are still logged into the previous blogger account.. and so on..

Until I searched after search.. browsing browsing.. it turned out that the problem was trivial.. and finally I was able to solve it.. 

Curious? How do you overcome (This original language this article) Keluar ( Sigout ) dari Akun Blogger agar tidak Login lagi di Akun yang Sama?


This is the problem.. lies in Cookies and Browser Cache... Hufft.. everyone can use a different browser.. but surely each browser has Cookies and Cache. Also provided the facility to delete it periodically.

I'm using Firefox for the browser here.
How to enter History on the Menu Bar



1. Open Your Browser (Firefox)

2. Click Three straight lines in the upper right corner 

clear history

Then "Clear Recent History" Make sure Cookies and caches are ticked.. Just make the time range for everything... like this...


Ok that's okay.. if the same thing happens.. repeat the above steps again.. hehe 


If You Choose Everything, you will delete cookies and cache in All's not only domain blogger, but another site too...

but dont worry, cause this is just cookies and cache, not form and search history, or browsing and download history...


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