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How to Overcoming Recent Posts on Blogger Errors do not appear all due to Table Codes and Other Script Codes


Myshorttips | Blogger - Sometimes errors can occur at any time for all blogger users, especially because blogger is a platform that allows us to customize templates, for example.

recent post error blogger


So sometimes it is necessary to parse HTML code to load using the Parse Tool, so that the code is not run or executed.

Today, our problem so far has been successfully resolved...




Recent Post Error Problem Background



So the story is this..

Every time we post an article that contains a table, our recent post has been set to show 10 posts, so we stop at the post that has the table code, plus one post that doesn't have the table code...

I don't know.. there seems to be a conflict in the template..


Which one is this?

Because this also affects labels, labels / categories also use the Recent Post script!

I searched on Google Can't Find Blas!

In fact, the strange code appears.. haha | I don't know, maybe the search isn't deep enough.

Try Learning to the Shadow Teacher Blog

Try playing on the online teacher's blog, which I only interact in silence.. haha

But I learned a lot from his blog..



Try looking for an Error Solution, I can't find one that immediately resolves Recent Post Errors... er, scrolling and scrolling suddenly found the post "SOME ERRORS" try opening it...

Ah.. apparently nothing, don't talk about it..


Suddenly my brain thought hard, because I already knew the root of the problem before as I didn't explain above, namely the Table Code!

And there are those who have COPAS problems from WORD

This is the quote

But there are other things that cause this error, namely because the post was copied and pasted from Microsoft Word.

    What does that have to do with Microsoft Word, sir?



Several years ago, we encountered a COPAS problem from WORD, which turns out we should use CTRL + SHIFT + V, so the formatting in Word doesn't go to the copy..



Because in the Copy from Microsoft Word, actually there will be a lot of strange code... when you change the mode to EDIT HTML.


Haha, that was 9 years ago!


But what I remember, if the problem is the same.. maybe because the code conflicts with the code in the template..


Because in fact the SOUNDCLOUD CODE can only run in the edit html!


So what's in the BODY, MAIN BLOG it can clash with the Blog Template XML.



mengatasi error recent post tidak tampil karena tabel



Let me see,

My eyes suddenly fell on  "JUMP BREAK!"

The jump break was used to cut posts that appear on the main page of the blog, so they don't load everything.

Before the Auto Readmore Script Code

I immediately thought, if it were used, right before the Table Code or just the top paragraph snippet,

Then automatically the table is not read as well..

And after I tried to practice on some posts that contain tables ..

Bim Sala Bim!

Finally no more ERROR!

Haha.. it's so simple..

Actually, that's one of the tricks to trick it.. because I don't know any other way to solve it so that the table code and so on are not read in the recent post..

I don't know, I haven't researched yet

But clearly.. with JUMP BREAK, the problem is solved..

Oh yes, now the JUMP BREAK icon on the new Blogger display has changed..

If in Highlight the name is "Insert Post Limit"

jump break blogger terbaru

Such is the solution to the problem...

It turns out that only by giving a limit...

with "JUMP BREAK!"

Hopefully it's useful for those who have the same problem!

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