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6 Short Tips in My Note, What Makes Better in Life

Friend, why did you get lost in this post, I'm sure, you're looking for tips to overcome the "severity of the problem" right?


We all have our own share and everyone has a different scenario about this, sometimes the timing is different, it could be that the problem comes from the people closest to you...


Not only you, I'm also the same sometimes...sometimes I'm very bored, sometimes it's really hard...but from there, we learn an important thing "that is how to deal with it" I'm sure each person can handle himself differently when he's struggling. down..

While what I share here is how I overcome and pump up my spirit again... especially to be better, because when our spirits improve, then we will have the energy to face the walls in front of us... 


1. Yesterday yesterday, today today, tomorrow tomorrow



Dieng Pixabay | R4CProject



This actually teaches us not to sink into reflecting on the past and distinguishing between priorities. Sometimes we ourselves are too busy with the repeated questions "why wasn't I like this yesterday... why wasn't I like that yesterday" - which is actually like neglecting what we should be able to do this time...

Because, what we do now, it is a milestone for tomorrow and the future, and maybe that can fix our past.


2. Sincerely






This attitude can save us from various heart problems.



People who sow seeds of goodness, will sow goodness, and vice versa.


So be careful in this Slice of Life.. I at Inteenbusiness have the principle that business is not just looking for profit, no matter what you do, you can also hurt other people to get rich... that's not good, friend..

Doing business that is healthy, fair play and of course does not harm others, of course the fortune we get, God willing, will be a blessing and will not cause harm in the future.



3. Love yourself first before loving someone else



Cintailah dirimu sendiri dulu



Yes, this is the bottom line... because when we don't love ourselves... we usually love others for a reason.


4. No one is perfect





When we think that perfection only belongs to the God, then everything will be more reassuring, because we don't just set targets for perfection which in the end make ourselves overwhelmed...


For example, the service sector.. you try your best even for hours... but when you show the client the "revision", because? everyone's standards are different.. so make it as good as possible according to your own standards and abilities, take everything into account, such as the processing time with the results we will get. "Grumbling", venting on the Forum Forum.. "Not appreciated, the client has no morals" or other complaints that are actually unnecessary..


So it is important that we understand this... so that? ourselves to be better ... because when balanced, then we will also be able to think clearly right ..?



5. Do it now, don't make it delay


lakukan sekarang



Procrastination was actually my biggest problem at that time, so I postponed the various potentials that might be presented to me as a gate of fortune that I could cash in on in the future...


Yes, procrastination really makes the mind heavy.. so do it.. do it... do it, as much as we can, don't procrastinate due to laziness... Okay MySelf! 


 - Aku Aku Aku kan Melaju


6. Be honest

Honesty - Look at that pile of stones...

Yup! after all, lying usually will give birth to other lies, the more you lie, the more you think about it..


So even though it's actually heavy, but it can be more comfortable .. | Shira

But you notice, for example.. if you don't like what someone says in a forum, don't express your annoyance directly in public, especially in a condescending tone, because it really will hurt him a lot.. and it will be hard to forget. .

If you want to be honest, talk to him alone, God willing, it will be better.. it's like a friend who reminds a friend, at least we managed to be honest with him, not even talking about him behind his back.. and so it spreads everywhere, especially if it's slander.. " DANGEROUS"

Please differentiate from forums that share opinions, yes, in forums for exchanging opinions, it is natural to disagree, because in the context you are exchanging opinions and everyone is speaking up... not insulting or even cornering, humiliating in public...

Yes, this is a moral lesson that I got from my former teacher, to avoid "Arrogance, Envy, Hate"

Another example, if you really can't help your friend, tell the truth instead of grumbling behind your back / forced to accept...

Those are 6 temporary points that are written in this "What Makes You Better" Article, Remember, what I write is really from the heart .. not making profits or chasing MONEY. if you want to add to the answer, welcome to add in the comment box..


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