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How to Load a RAW Project from Github so that it can be Loaded on Blogger

Blogger - Friends, after the official GIT RAW CDN announced it would shut down its service and we can no longer use it for new CDNs.


RawGit Good Bye..

RawGIT Sayonara


So I finally looked for other alternatives and found a site that almost exactly functions. Namely Free CDN for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Images and more

statically git to cdn

Free CDN this function is to make hosting JS, PHP and other files that you save on GITHUB, can be loaded on your website or blogger.

So how to get this RAW file I screenshot:

Go to your Github first => Repository

github raw

Then choose which file you want to download the Github RAW. Then click RAW on the next page. 

github raw

Until it looks like this..

github raw

Then you copy the URL and enter it into the Staticaly Convert GIT to CDN Site

OK... Then you can load it as usual on your blog.



Example :

  <script src=""></script>

That's an example, yes... you just change the link address with the results of your conversion...

Update GITHUB TO CDN | 05 January 2021

I think the article above is lacking... so the information is not complete... so I did an update right at the beginning of the new year 2021.

Github to CDN Links STATICALLY


Statically github to CDN

The appearance of the site has been updated to be simpler... and easier to convert GIT RAW to CDN so that it can be run / called on Blogger, in posts or edited html.

for how to call, I have explained above.

Github to CDN Links jsDelivr

This is new info that I got, apart from statically, there is also another site with a similar function, namely jsDelivr, I emphasize again its function, same... for converting GIT RAW to CDN

Raw GITHUB to CDN jsDelivr

Please visit the Convert Raw GIT to CDN link via jsDelivr


Those are some ways that we can use RAW projects in our GITHUB (Javascript) so that they can be loaded into Blogger.
Even though RawGIT has been closed, thank you for your dedication so far, but we can still use other GIT RAW to CDN Services.

I hope this help your problem...

#Tutorial Blogger





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