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How to find the right keywords for a blog


Try to look at the competition in SERP 1, think the opponent is heavy or not, if it's heavy... reconnect the keywords, to long tail keywords if you really want to fight,

Remember, if you have mastered a giant site, the only way you can win the battle is, make it as detailed as possible as long as possible (if strong) and of very high quality..



keyword tool
Cara Riset Keyword | Image by R4CProject on Pixabay




Gil? Don't worry about Search rankings!

many discussions on these keywords in one page! that's the right way to beat the site.


If it doesn't make sense, I suggest CHANGE and go to a certain NICHE that is still quiet.. haha



if the 'niche' is potential, it will be worked on!

So my advice is.. create content that you are good at! you enjoy! rather than looking for a quiet one.. because it will make it easier for you to make uniq articles.. - calm down here I have no hidden intentions..

so I really give you the key.. Moreover, you have CREDENTIALS or for example DOCTORAL graduates. or PROFESSOR.

Free Tool for Keyword Research:

1. Ubersuggest - Try this Tool

2. Keyword Surfer - Try this Tool

3. Google Ads Planner - Try this Tool

4. Google Suggestions - Try this Tool

5. Google Trends - Try this Tool

6. Ahrefs Keyword - Try this Tool



It's a free tool .. ( some if you want full .. paid anyway .. ) if you want to research keywords .. :)

Discussion Conclusion

Those are some tips from me, you can be a winner and a loser.. it's up to you.. but.. if you want to be a winner, don't give up.. keep learning and choose the best. Your world!

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