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How long can a deleted blogspot URL be re-registered?



Url blogger terhapus apakah bisa dikembalikan

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Hey, surely you miss the blog url that you used to have, but for some reason, you chose to change your name... someday in the future, you regret changing or deleting it and want the url back...


is that what you experienced?

hwoak whoak..

Indeed, sometimes we are often careless in deciding something that leads to regret.

Did you know, if when you guys created a blog, and it already contained a lot of posts... then your BLOG URL, even though it's a blogspot sub domain, has a natural DA/PA (Domain Authority and Page Authority) ..

That's why there are so many Blog Hunter Blog Hunters, who are looking for Domains with good DA/PA and have just been removed by the owner.. :)

I'm answering this, because I've experienced it myself.. :)

Once upon a time, I had a second blog, aka a second blog...

does that mean it's not a primary blog?

and I used to use it to write literature or something that smelled like authorship... some poetry, short stories I made there.. :)

Traffic is pretty good..

but one time I thought, I want to change my name in 2015.. not my name, but my blog..

As a result, I changed the name, alias changed the name of the blog... (in this case the URL) well, automatically when I changed it, my url, which had been around for years (approximately 3 years) was deleted...

but it can still be registered..

why can i assume so?


So this is an important point...

So in the future, I'm trying to analyze the url of my blog, why is it being taken over by people so quickly, is it so valuable ..?


Then the hunting begins... to the TIME MACHINE...


Apparently, after I delete / replace the url with a new name... the old URL can still be REGISTERED...


No wonder someone used it when I just entered the old url in the browser... and the blog has changed with a new theme and content... :)

After I checked, it turned out that the DA and PA were decent... but they weren't very high, only 5.

But it does attract attention...

we know that to form a DA PA it takes time too.. the length of the blog was created, the content of the blog and the traffic also have an effect...

The blogger domain with a value of 5 already includes GG bro..

It's like blogging, it's been a few years in installments... :)

But strangely on the blog it was deleted. 

url blogger cannot restore

Well, it's recorded, 2019's... meaning the second owner deleted it because it wasn't potential...

Well, it turned out that after I tried to check, it couldn't be registered anymore.

Well, the point here is...

From there we can conclude that after the first deletion of the BLOGSPOT URL, it can still be tolerated to be re-registered if you want.

but after the second deletion, in 2019 if in the sample above..

It can't be registered anymore.. it's been 3 years..

if you recycle it shouldn't be that long, right?

I don't know, what's clear for the past 3 years... can't be registered anymore...

I can't conclude for sure about this BLOGSPOT DOMAIN URL problem, because the authority is on the BLOGGER or BLOGSPOT in this case GOOGLE, which has the authority for that. 

But from the case that we observed above, it shows that

The first deletion can still be registered (if it is deleted by the admin / not deleted from the blogspot party due to a violation of the code of ethics, for example the site is reported for spreading fraud).

But if you have deleted the second one... that means it can't be registered...

And you need to be careful if it turns out that the DA/PA of your blog url is high.. because the EYES of the url hunters use machines.. so they can immediately look for blogs with high DA to be used as snacks (as a place for unfair backlinks), zombieeeee blogs or for sold, or made a blog again.

First check using the tool...

This is a free tool that you can use for blogging

If it's bad, just change it... wkwkwk

But usually if the blog contains articles and a long period of time, the DA will be above 3... :)


Now the question..

why did the second user delete his blog? even though the DA PA is also pretty good?

There are 2 conclusions...


The blog is not growing...

or deleted for violation :)

I don't know, because it's not recorded on the Wayback Machine.

Or maybe it's not potential, because I also gave it an inconsequential name... wkwkwk

But DA PA can be that high huh... scary..

For example, if the url name is TutorialNgeblog, maybe this is reasonable, if it's cbclbrebdr4?

it's just a sample, the name sucks...


The point is, check it first, before deleting.

If you want to discuss ADSENSE, you can visit

there is more about business..

That's all, hopefully it can enlighten the question of how long can a deleted blogspot url be re-registered?

the answer... if it's definitely "I DON'T KNOW, because Google or BLOGGER didn't tell you..."


As for the estimate .. I have explained above.




Beware...beware.............Beware...beware.............Beware...beware......... ....Beware...beware.............Beware...Beware.............Beware...Beware..... ........Beware...beware.............Beware...beware.............Beware...beware. ............Beware...beware.............





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  1. The old blog with high DA/PA is a great way to get the backlink. But, the bad news is Google don't allow to the new blog register under that url.

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