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How to Research Trending Topics for Blogger Posts

It is undeniable that in the current era of globalization, it is very different from the traditional era of ancient times, to enter the world of blogging, it is not as smooth as the traditional era, because in this era of globalization, people are starting to be tempted by blogging income, so that even perform various ways to smooth the action.

Indeed, the change and progress has a positive side as well as a negative side, well.. but even so, I invite readers to take the positive side and not follow the negative side huh..

How to get lots of views and traffic

Right now it's a bit difficult to get views, especially Organic for Bloggers, especially blogs that use free facilities like me, with various kinds of limitations that exist, we have to work hard for that, just lowering Rank in ALEXA is also getting harder in fact, Moreover, the old ways to increase views are felt to be irrelevant.

There are many factors that affect the visibility of our posts in the Top 10 Rank in Search Engines or Search Engines, especially on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Factors Affecting Post Visibility

There are several factors that affect the visibility of our posts in the top 10 Search Engines, including (Keywords, Topic Trends, Backlink Quality, Site Speed, Article Completeness, and of course Page Rank ... uh, I've changed it now to Domain Authority and Page Authority , CTR) is basically the point, what is clear is that all of that is summarized in an SEO (Search Engine Optimized) strategy

That is, sites with large Domain Authority, and strong promotions, are now going to hang out on the first page of search engines, imagine if there were 999 articles hanging out on the first page of search engines with the target title being the keyword, how many visitors at least every day or every hour on that site, for example the News Site, which is currently not only discussing news, but expanding to other discussions, even up to Tutorials, Tips, Lyrics and many others, where it will all add the strength of the visibility of the site in the eyes of search engines. 

How to Research Trending Topics
uh.. this is news... ehehe

How to Research Trending Topics
this is new right

How to Research Trending Topics
this is just right

With more than 1 human resources, as well as providing space for freelance writers to write, it will add a faster article library, so that's how it is from my own analysis,
then is it wrong? No, it's not wrong, the people who made the site, they built the site, it's up to them, it's just that some of the examples above won in capital, friend, the capital is not small for that, not to mention hiring employees, and paying freelance writer ^_^. That is an example of the GLOBALIZATION Era.

How to Compete Blogger Tricks in the GLOBALIZATION ERA

Yes, like it or not, we need to hone our skills for cheerful SEO, hehe... that means don't read too much and participate in training here and there.. no, but my advice, you can improve your skills with lots of practice, meaning don't study too much , use the learning model little by little, immediately put into practice ... because lazy nature is very easy to stick...

Imagine, when we have participated in various seminars, we have learned A, B, C... techniques A, B, C... you know, the next day I'm lazy, and confused about which one to take...

Why did you order me?

eits.. but it's free, I know the nature and personality of people are different, I'm here suggesting what makes you grow fast according to your version.

Be Special, This Is Just A Suggestion...

After learning SEO, it seems that the second suitable way is, become a specialist in a particular field ... yes, it seems that it is a very difficult way, because from discussions on the blogger forum forums also suggest the same thing, with limited resources, we will find it difficult if imposing, unless it's hardy, huh... or is it just a hobby... it's legal, what's important about blogging is fun and personal satisfaction... if we just settle down...


yes, look for other alternative fields, well, but while you are still comfortable in the blogging world, it means that you still think blogging is something fun...
Why should you move? haha, just stay and improve your skills... Nothing is Instant bro except Instant Noodles,, haha, everything needs a process, because from there you will know for yourself which field is actually suitable for you.

In conclusion, how is the trick to compete?

So, how are the tricks to compete in the era of globalization, while the two tips from me... can be directly put into practice,

I myself, at RahmanCyber.NET, also discuss topics too much, meaning that I want to be free here to discuss this according to my personal preference, is it hard? Yes, if you say it's heavy, it's heavy... because sometimes it gets messy aka, there's too much discussion so we have to be smart to manage rhythm, but I'm starting to understand how to play myself, yes I really can't just focus on discussing 1 so sometimes the mood changes, so sometimes it's easy to talk about this, sometimes it's easy to talk about it... but here I have a specialty of course, even though it looks like gado gado, but there really needs to be a special discussion, meaning that we really like to discuss it the most .. so

If we compare it to the case above, there may be similarities, yes, but our specialty is not in news, so maybe the opposite... but we have the same concept... hikhikhik... indeed we didn't win in HR, but we You can use a method called Research.

What is Research

From my personal observation, in this research we seek and collect literature or references on a topic, to build on that topic, or also to make decisions about the topic. For example, this is Trending Topic Research for Blog Posts

It means that our topic is trending, and in that research we look for trending ones from various sources on this earth... that's how it is..

How to Research Trending Topics for Blog Posts

There are many ways to do trending research, and here I try to explain one by one from the research that I did.. haha, actually this is just a personal bookmark, so I don't forget... but to make it more useful, I'll make this public ... hehe,

1. Type the word "Trending" in Google

Type the word "Trending" in Google

Well, this is the easiest trick... haha, you'll find trending topics there.. I suggest, if you don't like it or your heart refuses to enter the trending... then just ignore it.. Especially if um.. .. in the world of blogging.. you build your own world, other people visit, if he is interested in your world... then he will enter, if not... then he will pass, uhm.. 

But, you must know, that in my country..

Just try on Google Search

or You can try on Bing Search

2. Google Trends

Google Trends

Yes, I've already gone into the spoiler in the image above.. but, it doesn't matter... like Google Trend itself is also used for keyword research, in the SEO world, but this can also be called a Trend, so we can know how strong the topic is we'll pick it up... uh.. there's also a trend that is at the top, in the most frequent searches... because it's google, meaning on the Google search engine, right. 


Try it Google Trends

3. Social Media Twitter

Social Media Twitter

Yup! Social media can also be used as a place for trend research... why twitter, because that's where he uses Hash Tags, so the topics have been grouped, and most of them have been updated on twitter... 


I'm surprised... even though it's been a long time, a place for all kinds of tweets. from various regions..
But still, we need to sort according to our comfort, because I emphasize again.. here we are building our world... meaning that people will see from the pieces that we have built to compose our world... the rest , let them (they are like you, you who visit this post.. hehe,) think and draw conclusions, they are the ones who judge.. we just need to be relaxed, because everyone has their own thoughts, we don't have GEASS to control thoughts they... haha 


Try it

4. Trend24 IN

Trend24 IN

Well, this is also a tool that can help us find trending up-dates... the name is also 24 hours... scary... yes, all day long... not only in Indonesia, but also in several other countries, so it's also suitable for those of you who build blogs abroad... ehehe 


Thats is in my country, you can select your country first to bid trending in your country.

Trend24 IN

Well, so.. please bookmark this page, if it is useful for you... or can share... pin... who knows, it will be updated when I know a new tool again... ^_^

Just Try Trend24in


Actually there are a lot of them... but to be honest, I'm sorting this, so my cool language is CURATION, haha... meaning here I am the CURATOR, if you are still lacking, you can directly visit the News Website... because there are lots of Trending Update .. haha, I didn't highlight it..

Then it's important Isn't Trending Topic Research for Blog Posts?

Not here, I mean.. Not too important,,, because the most important thing in the world of blogging is...

Article..  👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

And.... Trending is just an additional tool, right? ... maybe add additional keywords , because I don't know what the current search engine algorithm is... a little bit trending... a little bit trending a little bit trending, how come a little bit... haha, that means there's a lot of content now... so the algorithm just has to choose which one is Trending... hihihi like on Youtube bro,
If we want to make a tutorial, for example, insert the name of a famous artist.. or a trending one, eh, the tutorial becomes Mumbul... aka a lot of views.. it sucks... haha

Yes, maybe it's a little description of the Trend Function... 


The important thing is not to misuse it, okay? because "Be careful if it's TRENDING... because you're being watched a lot... a little bit wrong... hohoho"

Okay.. about the discussion on How to Research Trending Topics for Blog Posts, that's all for now.. I hope it's useful, even if it's a little

and As usual, I am an ordinary human being, if there is an error.. please be reminded, justified and forgiven... Don't make my opinion the main reference, take the good one.. discard the bad and correct me in the comment box.. yes friends all...




Good luck to all!

F.N.A - Red

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