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How to Protect Posts with Anti Copy Paste CSS Script on Blogger


Script Anti Copy Paste CSS di Blogger

The current blog is something valuable, especially every time you post in it... Of course sometimes it feels annoying when a blog post that is already difficult to make, you type one by one... uh, it turns out that people just pick it up... especially the post admittedly his.. or if the one who took your post is an SEO Master.. it's over.. you who are hard to type, looking for inspiration.. uh, you're the one who was kicked out of the search sequence of Google or other search engines...

And the one who hangs out on Page 1 is the Plunderer.. It's over.. hehe

The practice of copying and copying has existed since the ancient days of bloggers, hehe, but indeed the search system is currently actively developing anti-plagiarism algorithms, but yes, the system also has loopholes and weaknesses.

"As sophisticated as a system is.. there will definitely be loopholes and weaknesses" so it could be that you are the original author who actually got the Plagiarism Algorithm... hehe

Indeed, there is no trick that can really prevent plagiarism... but there are several ways that can at least prevent the plagiarist from carrying out his action...

What are the tricks to protect / prevent blogs from being copied and pasted? Just take a look at the trick below... this trick has been widely used by us to reduce the level of plagiarism on some of our blogs and as a result, at least it can prevent some lay copyers.. hehe (if you're an accomplished copyist, it doesn't look like it's still there, bro)

Because there is always a trick behind the trick.. 

Use Script to prevent Right Click


Right-click is actually the default command for an option.. and this is a gap to choose Copy or Save. ..

For the script, please put it above

remember, it is placed before the closing mark Head </head>

Please Click to enlarge

We have posted the code on the Hosting Page... Please download or copy it via the link below: 

Script To prevent Right Click


okay.. please try it yourself and feel the difference.. For a demo, you can right click it. Try it on this RahmanCyber.Net page.. Can you right click? maybe with a special way.. hehe

Prevent Copy Paste with CSS BSKIN

Well, this is the most powerful code we've ever encountered... the method is quite simple... by placing the script above the bskin / css space of your blog... 

/*Body cegah copas RahmanCyber.Net

exactly bro...

Please note, using the code above, all components cannot be copied and pasted, even though javascript is turned off, so the drawback is, if you use the Anti Copy Pate Script above, then if you want to make a tutorial there is a section that can be copied | (Syntax Highlighter) directly by the reader, becomes impossible. Well the solution, you can use this code

/*Body cegah copas RahmanCyber.Net
.post-body {

.post-body pre code {

Why are there 2 there? because there we have the second function to activate copy paste in Syntax Highlighter or in Pre and Code tags, you can see the difference user-select:none; and user-select:text;

that CSS there is some code,
id for #
and Class for .

So, you know about difference from that code..
If tag HTML  <div id="rahmancyber"> so CSS code #rahmancyber

also if tag  HTML like this <div class="rahmancyber"> so CSS code .rahmancyber

So if you or you have put the 2 scripts / codes above... Insyaallah your blog will be at least safer and plagiarism can be reduced...

Although actually for bloggers it turns out that there is a very big gap for copy-paste... even though everything has been locked for appearance...

But for ordinary people, maybe they haven't realized it yet... just relax... :D

Okay, that's all for the Update in the "Blogger Tutorial" category this time, please practice the tricks that we give in the Blogger Tutorial.. "Don't forget, please include the source" hehe

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