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How to Make a Post with 2 Columns on Blogger

 Blogger Tutorial Again!!!! From MyShorTTips Blogger Tips

How to make 2 column article post on blogger 










Good night buddy, 


uhm today is an amazing day, before going to bed, I'll post it first ah. This time I want to post about blogger tricks . Which ... shhh, maybe few people know, namely making 

a blog post we appear with 2 Columns


Curious? Just go ahead!
Later the result will be like this:

Have you ever heard the word De Javu ? then have you ever experienced aben? Don't know what is de javu ...?
Watch this article.
Some of humans must have experienced De Javu , So what is de javu ? De Javu is a strange event experienced by someone where we are feel that we have experienced events that we are experiencing in the past, in other words long before the day the events we are experiencing. For example this event could be a new place that we are visiting, Conversations, people we meet, and many others. Actually no one has been able to determine the correct explanation regarding this De Javu , so many scientists, physicists, and many people are still warmly discussing this matter, there is that said, this De Javu oddity was due to the incident similar to that which our soul has experienced in one lifetime previous reincarnation in the past.

Then what is the correct one? & nbsp; From several researches that I got from various sources, it says that De Javu appears to come from Recognition Memory, which is a type of memory that is be because we realize what we are experiencing right now we've experienced it before.

Brain Humans fluctuate between two types of Recognition Memory, viz Recollection (Collector Return) & nbsp; If we can mention with right at that instant when the situation we experience ever arises previous. Suppose we meet new friends, then we immediately realized that we've interacted with it before ..
Recognition The second memory is Familiarity (memories that appear when we are not say exactly when we saw with new people or whatever that we experience). And De Javu including this Familiarity.

Believe it or not, 70% to 80% of humans have experienced the de javu phenomenon this, at least once, whether it be sight, sound, taste or smell. So it is clear that we who have felt are not alone ... many people are I've experienced that.

If it is related to Religion like this ...
"We as humans, live in this world, our journey from birth to later, the creator has already arranged and outlined, but the outline it is not absolute, humans themselves can change it, for example.
We from birth until now it was outlined to be rich (What will we experience, and with whom we will meet, what knowledge are we learn, all that has been implanted in our brains) & nbsp; then though that person has been described as rich but in reality he is not rich, that is is the result of what he makes, and what he runs .... Wow Get goosebumps, huh ..... Go ahead ...

Next ...
then the presentation of the fact that every human being is different exists only 10% or up to 90%, but if it's 100% absolutely impossible, because the creator recommends us to determine our own life, which will ultimately be in our Hereafter You will be presented with two choices, namely Hell and Heaven.
What is the relation with De Javu ?
De Javu is a fraction of the leaked outline information. But that is still considered normal for every human being. The important thing is, you don't have to we are too dizzy about the De Javu. problem .. because it's natural, that is most importantly, how do we determine our life, the Creator already giving direction through the Qur'an and has sent the Great King Prophet Muhammad SAW to guide humans, and convey the mandate of The Creator. It remains now that we learn and overwrite as much knowledge maybe, because Allah recommends us to study from the beginning Live to the End of life. God willing, when we hold fast with that knowledge and of course putting it into practice, Allah promises to us that we will not touch the path of error.
- Theory from Learning Research by Fathkhurrahman "
for My theory that is quoted should not be 100% accepted ... because the opinion of 1 person also may not be correct. I'm still studying, let's also learn together ...


Is that what it is .... Curious?
For those of you who want to create & nbsp; 

"MyShorTTips Code" a blog post we appear with 2 Columns


The method is as follows:

 <table cellpadding = "10" cellspacing = "10"> <tbody>
<tr> <td align = "justify" valign = "top" width = "240"> <br />
articles on the left </td> <td align = "justify" valign = "top" width = "240"> articles on the right </td> </tr>


1. Cellpadding: To adjust the distance between column lines and the text
2. Cellspacing: To set the distance between two columns
3. Width: There are two Widths, the code above is both 240, if you want to be different, just change the numbers.
4. Align: Text Alignment (Justify = justified right, left = justified, right = justified, center = aligned)
5. Valign: Vertical Alignment (top = top, bottom = bottom, midle = center align)

Something like that, good luck to hang up your post , hopefully useful, Wait for the next post!








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